This is Step 1 in the sign-up process
This year we’re simplifying payment by offering bundles. We’re also offering early-bird discounts.
* You can now bundle BMR entry and banquet -and there is a discount if you do so.
* BMR app (Apple and/or Android) is INCLUDED with your BMR entry. You no longer need to purchase the app separately.
It is very important that we avoid massive last minute sign-ups:
-They are taxing on the volunteers who work hard behind the scenes.
-We want to accurately gauge and scale things like head-count at banquet.
-Most Important to you the rider: Getting set-up early and testing/practicing with the site and the app has proven very valuable. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing so.
When you sign up for the banquet, here is what you will receive:
-Entry into the BMR banquet which will be held Friday June 14 at the same hotel as the IBR start location in South Carolina.
-URL link to discounted rooms under the IBA umbrella at their hotel in South Carolina. **It is first come first serve, there are only so many rooms. You may add additional nights. Note, there is a one-night guarantee should you cancel.
We are offering early-bird promotion to help everyone.
Note: The biggest discount available occurs in October and by combining BMR entry + banquet.
Also keep in mind: In addition to the price going up each month, so also does the possibility of rooms at the IBR hotel not being available because someone else got them first.

Pricing Options Below

*After* completing payment, please go to: