11 thoughts on “Streetmasters

  1. Any BMR rider not giving serious thought to this great opportunity is retarded. ..Just sayin’, this opportunity should not be passed upl.

  2. The weather forecast is shaping up to it being dry in the few days leading up to KW901, during, and the few days after…[Hint: there are lots of bonii around, get busy poaching! And it is in Kern County – with a nice sign right on the way to the track…]. Give up on the excuses, and come and join us for a great day of brushing up your skills and having some fun while you’re doing it.

  3. Streemasters is the only thing that mother nature won’t mess with. There is no excuse for riders to not be at Streetmasters on the 16th. In fact, tempted to shut down the rally while your course is going on as to not distract from what the wise people are doing.

  4. If you want to learn how to ride unfamiliar roads as quickly and confidently as you ride familiar roads, come on out and let
    Streetmasters fine tune your capabilities!

  5. Just so you don’t forget… The discount code for this weekend’s Streetmasters class/bonus opportunity is BMR1950. That’s 50% OFF!

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