Bonus Listing

2019.05.30 18:00 RevB18

Click above to view 2019 RevB17 Bonus Listing (release 2019.05.30 18:00)

Bonus Listing will be slightly different this year. -Single document will be updated on a regular basis with additions and corrections. Pertinent information will be noted in the Change-Log located within the bonus listing. -Our fancy GPX files and some of our other fancy tools will be introduced later. This year's themes are simple and sharp and we don't want to spoon-feed riders things that savvy riders can do on their own. Punchline: The savvy riders will create their own files before the event releases our fancy ones to the masses.

Data File (CSV) containing Bonus codes and coordinates of picture match themes now available.
Likely GPX files to follow in the future.

Click (right-click-save?) To Download GPX File

There are very few big point bonuses each week, having your head around the concept of the rally is much more important that throwing useless data in your GPS. Which BIG bonuses will you earn each week?, for most it won't be many.