Here is a map of my 2019 BMR bonus stops…

2019 BMR Stat Recap:

Miles: 18,100
Points: 2,127
Points Per Mile: 0.117
Miles Per Point: 8.51
Number of Bonus Submissions: 357
Average Points Per Submission: 5.957
States Visited: 21
Nights in Hotels: 15
Premature Tire Deaths: 1
Number of Times I Swore at RJ for Getting me up in the Middle of the Night: >10 😮
Friendly Roadside Chats: 0 🙂
Level of Fun: Off the Chart

No Points Earned On This Submission ◤ ◢ Banquet ◣ ◥ 

1 thought on “PP

  1. Gary, thanks for the insight, some of my stats for a much lower score:

    Points: 553
    Miles: 4448
    PPM: 0.124
    MPP: 8.042
    Motels, where the Big Money comes from: 0, slept in my own bed every night
    States: 4
    Comes to RJ: Only once when the RJ theme ended just as the weather was getting better
    Road Sides Chats: 2 I thing, telling me to be careful standing in the road trying to frame my shot and getting close enough so the judges would be happy.

    Fun you bet, already thinking about next year!

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