And it’s a wrap for me. A good rally for me and lots of new places visited. Thank you RJ for elevation bonuses. Got a chance to ride the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive. And thanks to my mentor (or tormentor) Tim Roush, who would call me and critique my shots “What kind of crap is that, That’s a red” Hope to see a lot of you folks in a couple weeks in Greenville.

No Points Earned On This Submission ◤ ◢ Banquet ◣ ◥ 

16 thoughts on “PP

  1. Oh and my bad for not thanking the scorers who put up with some of my shots, but more important were very prompt in scoring. That helps a lot.

    • Thanks Gilbert. Roughly 20K miles and 7 tires from what I can figger. I do put on take offs to run around the twisties in the Carolinas.

    • Thanks Dan. Loved that ride up to the GT yesterday. Kept going to Cambria county and back down for other stuff. fun, fun

  2. Congrats Carl on officially being a Retired Bastard – Walt and I aspire to attain that goal in a year or two. Sorry we won’t be at the banquet, but we will be at the BMW MOA Rally in Lebanon from Tuesday through Saturday. Stop by!

  3. Congratulations Carl! Beautifully done. Thanks for taking us along. Look forward to seeing you week after next in SC.

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