About ★031 Nancy Lefcourt

---- Totally Crazy! Crazy Fun! A few weeks ago, I entered a Popeye’s 12 Hour Drive Thru Contest. I’m a finalist (there are as many as 12). This contest entails ordering Popeyes from a kiosk in Ft. Stockton, Tx and picking it up 12 hours (or so) later in New Orleans. Ft. Stockton is a generally a fuel stop on I-10, not much there. A few gas stations, a few cheap motels. The kiosk is a few miles out of town in the middle of nothingness. It’s approximately 850 miles between towns. They are marinating my chicken for 12 hours while I’m driving. If I order at the kiosk and get to Popeyes on Canal Street in New Orleans within a specified window (the window is significantly greater than 12 hours) I get a free chicken dinner and a year’s worth of chicken dinners. And, I get my photo up in on the wall in Popeyes wall of fame. Yup, Nancy is riding for chicken.   Why? Why not?   You can follow me here. I’ll be leaving home early 11/9 to get to Ft. Stockton (1050 miles). I'll be leaving Ft. Stockton approximately 5 am on 11/10 and plan to get into New Orleans around 5 pm. The Spotwalla link will be active Friday morning 11/9 and go thru Monday 11/12 when I should be back home. If you're anywhere near New Orleans (or not), come down and have dinner with me! To follow all of the NL theme posts, go NL THEME (click) https://archive.bigmoneyrally.com/2019/?cat=4304