RJ001 Streetmasters

RJ001 ..don't miss this opportunity

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5 thoughts on “RJ001 Streetmasters

  1. Big thanks to the Streemasters gang for this amazing opportunity. Everyone should be looking on how to make this work. Be sure to reach out to Nancy Foote if you have any questions, her contact information is in the PDF document.

  2. Sounds like a good group is taking advantage of this! A good core of BMR foks have already signed up. If you’re not one of the people signed up, please see a medical professional regarding your sanity. 🙂 Contact Nancy if you have any questions. …what better way to spend a weekend, than around great people, improving you riding skills and earning BMR points.

  3. Don’t miss this Golden Opportunity to visit SoCal to take advantage of the Streetmasters RJ001 weekend! I say Golden because this could really help you in getting much closer or obtaining BMR Gold! There are multiple bonii worth around 20 points EACH to be had leading up to, during and after this event. I’d like you to strongly consider visiting us at Streetmasters! The day of instruction will be more than worth the trip you’ll make to get to beautiful Lancaster, CA. Nancy and I need to know SOON who will be joining us so we can be sure to have enough staffing to accommodate everyone that wishes to participate. Also, we are providing this 1/2 price class to BMR participants, but with that comes the need to have more of you sign up so we can pay for the closed-course track at Willow Springs Raceway. We are not looking to make much money on the BMR folks, but we’d at least like to break even (and bring your friends too!). So, please get off the fence, get on your bikes, and head this way for the March 24th class! Jeanie, three-wheelers are also welcome!

    • Anyone not doing this needs a brain scan.
      Anyway that you choose to look at it, there is only upside.
      *Financially, this is an amazing opportunity, be kind to your wallet and sign up.
      *The skill-sets that you’ll learn will make your future miles safer and more enjoyable.
      *The people you’ll be in in the mix with are top-notch.
      **Finally, There are RJ points directly associated to (only) those participating in this opportunity.
      ***OH!!, and riders who participate will get the “Street Masters Certified 2018” badge on all of their posts so that that the whole world knows if you’re the real deal.

      !!!SIGN UP AND DO THIS!!!

  4. Today is the day!!! Cheers to the wisdom that the participants have demonstrated by being a part of this …and cheers to the skills they’ll improve and learn today. Have fun!!!

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