On Any Sunday …RIP Bruce Brown

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On Any Sunday 1972 RIP Bruce Brown

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3 thoughts on “On Any Sunday …RIP Bruce Brown

  1. I started to watch the streaming video and I couldn’t keep my eyes from leaking… Bruce Brown was a wonderful man who created the ultimate motorcycle movie . If you have not ever watched this movie, YOU MUST! Bruce’s dry wit in his narration is classic. Our (and my) very own Walt Fulton (BMR #068) helped film the movie (yes, he wore the 11-pound camera pack on his head while riding the banking at Daytona). Since Walt was so involved in the making of the movie and racing with all the dirt and road racers of that time, Walt let me get to know that generation of motorcycling, and what a group they are (and more often now – were). Godspeed Bruce. You were the best and you will be missed.

    • Beautiful note Nancy. You can’t see this film too many times. I didn’t realize Walt was in the mix of production, but it doesn’t surprise me.

  2. I was living in Hawaii in the early/mid 60’s and watched Bruce and team filming at Waimea Bay. Surfboards and motorcycles were a true 60’s mix and Bruce’s contribution to both will be sorely missed.

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