VegasStrong GT714

V I D E O:
GT714 will be the final bonus released in BMR2018   The final days of BMR have an un-apologetic focus on NV via the week 21 GT theme many riders make their way to Jackpot NV USA for our finisher banquet. Riders will be making the most of their time in the Battle Born State and it will be fun for riders and spectators.   GT714 bonus is unique in many ways. It can be earned from anywhere inside or outside of Nevada. **BUT**, be sure that you understand the criteria --->and your thoughtful and strong efforts will be paramount to the scoring team when they score you on this bonus. This is *not* a fly-bye shit-effort for easy points opportunity, instead you will be judged on your sincere effort.   Window Of Opportunity = Week 21 GT bonus parameters. This week that means the final 36hours of the rally. 00:00:01 Friday May25 through 12:00(noon) Saturday May 26th   On October 1st 2017 a tragic event occured in Las Vegas.   In the days following, "Vegas Strong" was born and it personified a town that was healing and would not back down.   A few days later, a brand new hockey franchise took the ice in their first home game. A team made up of many players who's former teams did little or nothing to protect them. These players labeled themselves the misfits and they found themselves in a town that was feeling pain, sorrow and anger.   Game one: These players paid tribute those lost on October 1st.   The city reciprocated with heart, passion and some of the loudest cheering on the planet, and it has only grown louder and more passionate. The mutual reciprocity between the team and the Las Vegas community got stronger by the day.   Fast forward, these misfits and this city have done the impossible: The Vegas Golden Knights are playing for the Stanley Cup.   You have the option to respectfully salute all of this, and earn some strong points. You can do so from anywhere on this planet.   Your thoughtful GT714 submission will include: * YOU (you'll need someone to take the picture or be very savy with your phone timer) * Your placard * Your Motorcycle **ADDITIONALLY, your picture will contain *ONE OF* the following, your choice:   (A)Ride to 36.15654 -115.32953 and match this picture (link). (BTW great things happen at this practice facility)   (B)Vegas Golden Knight shirt/jersey. If you don't have one, figure out how to get one. Beg, borrow or go to your local sports attire store. We will also allow flags, banners, and any official VGK or Vegas Strong gear/swag.   (C)Home-brew support for Vegas Golden Knights and/or the Las Vegas Community. This option allows you to earn points with your creativity and effort. This can be a thoughtful banner or sign that you made. It is only limited by your imagination. We don't want to see a cocktail napkin with a crayon drawing. Scorers will not even consider something that they don't think took you AT LEAST one hour of thoughtful effort to put together. If you're not clever or creative, an hour is not nearly enough. This is not easy points for a shit effort, only decent or efforts and creativity will be considered for points. I think we may see some very clever and nice things from people who choose this option. Who is going to bake up a Vegas Strong cake to enjoy during the Stanley Cup? Who is going to paint their dog? If you plan on hot-iron branding your child or grandchild with VGK logo for this bonus, please make sure they've stopped crying for the picture, we don't want tears.   V I D E O: