Rider Activity

On this page you can set a date/time duration and see rider activity for that “window”. You can break it down by hours, -or even a specific hours:minutes of time. Modify date in the url via your browser and create your own window of time. Also, below are shortcuts to specific days.

Count of Any Day


Any Day

03 Rick Sauter1651.00
15 John Bailey1584.00
16 Nate Buck1560.00
06 Bill Cumbie1554.00
02 Robert Foster1460.00
17 Sherry Fox Loughin1353.00
09 Mike Tomsu130.00
14 Jim Snitker1252.00
23 Abe Loughin1153.00
11 Clive Brown1147.00
20 Doug & Liz Jacobs1044.00
01 Bill Cogswell1039.00
21 Ed & Barb Phelps1033.00
12 Chuck Lackey942.00
10 Bruce Edwards90.00
08 Ray Piatt80.00
04 Roy Kjendal550.00