BMRx Overview

Below is a simple overview of BMRx, Please review carefully.


Interactive Map Below:
  Triangle *A* Eureka California Gerlach Nevada Blythe California   Triangle *B* Gerlach Nevada Quincy Washington Big Sky Montana   Triangle *C* Gerlach Nevada Big Sky Montana Green River Utard   Triangle *D* Green River Utard Tucson Arizona Amarillo Texas   Triangle *E* Amarillo Texas Casper Wyoming Vermillion South Dakota   Triangle *F* Vermillion South Dakota Mexia Texas Mountain Home Arkansas   Triangle *G* Mexia Texas Mountain Home Arkansas Blue Ridge Georgia   Triangle *H* Mountain Home Arkansas Blue Ridge Georgia Elkins West Virgina   Triangle *I* Elkins West Virgina Belleville ON CANADA Newport Vermont



* Multiple triangles to choose from, multiple start/finish options.
* You have a choice of nine triangles, choose ONE.
* Select a single corner of your  to be your start & finish location. 
* Your start location will be your first bonus of the rally, this same location will also be your 'end' location and your last bonus of the rally. 
* There will be two rest bonuses, rider discretion on when/where:  Minimum 4hours each, although points can be earned for going over 4 hours.
* Rally Duration:  66hours : 36Minutes 

** If you do not earn *each/every* corner of your triangle *and* earn *both* rest bonuses you will *not* have the points required to finish this event.  (yes, you are limited to corners of your own triangle).

- Bonus Pack will be available 1 hour prior to start of rally.  You can route as long as you like, anything after 1 hour will be on the clock.
- Many bonuses with various point values to choose from.  Riders will be provided with accurate waypoints for all bonuses.  
- All bonuses will be earned via pictures submitted from the bonus location by smart phone to the BMR website.


Other Info:

* Rally will start Friday September23, 2016; 04:15am RenoTime
* You will primarily be competing against the other riders of your triangle.   Think of this as nine rallies within a rally.  You are competing head-to head against riders in your triangle, and secondarily against all riders in all triangles. 
* Consistent with traditional BMR events, (near)real-time scoring will show all above scoring models.
* Application to ride this event will be available before August 01 (check back for updates)


Is this rally for me?

This rally is purposely designed for three groups of riders:
1.) BMR riders who want to experience a shorter rally with elements consistent with traditional rallies including:
 a. Routing on the clock
 b. Rally-provided data files of bonus locations
 c. Rest bonuses

2.) IBR 2015 and Butt Lite XIII Finishers and other veteran rallyists who want to experience a sharp multi-day rally which will provide:
 a. Time/distance calculations galore in a competitive event.
 b. Opportunity to test and fine-tune equipment and methodologies
 c. Smart phone bonus submission and scoring in (near)real-time.

3.) Tenured riders with strong riding skills (and perhaps no formal rally experience)
 a. Routing/riding to all mandatory bonuses (complete your triangle) and earning rest bonuses will meet finishing status criteria.
 b. Add more miles and more points by choosing optional bonuses and adding them to your route and earning them. (This is the basic concept of all competitive rallies)



As with all BMR events, we work hard to keep costs low and we believe the cost/value ratio of this event is ultra-high.  Use the savings for decent lodging before/during/after the event.
Three pricing tiers:
* General $50.00
* BMR 2016 Finishers : $25.00
* IBR 2015 Finishers: $49.00
* Butt Lite VIII Finishers: $49.00



1. Safety and knowing your limits is paramount. Ride smart and within your skill set. If you don’t know your limits or skill set, this event is not for you.
2. Your conduct will be superlative at all times. In BMR events you are at the scoring table 24/7, any conduct not seen as positive and constructive to moto-bike fun in general; and this event specifically: Will result in an immediate egress from this event.
3. BMR bonus picture requirements are tough, much tougher than most other events. Be prepared to partner with the scoring team by breaking-your-ass on every bonus submission to secure solid pictures which meet scoring team criteria. If you’re of the mindset that riding to the bonus is good enough and should earn points, this event is not for you.  In BMR events strong bonus submission efforts are the expectation.



* The information on this page is meant to give you a summary of how this event will work.  Minor changes are possible and more info with be coming in the weeks ahead.  Do not hesitate to contact BMRx with any questions.
** Exact bonus object at triangle corners have been identified, but have not been released and are not in stone.  As a rider of BMRx, you are encouraged to submit suggestions for corner bonus objects, in particular your own specific start bonus location.  Please contact us with you suggestions.


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