BMRx Placard Information

BMRx Placard Information. 

Your personal and unique placard will be available  Aprox Sept15.
Your placard will be a PDF file with dimensions of 11″ X 8.5″  You will download your placard.  You are responsible for printing and laminating your placard.

* Your card will have a very generous area that you are encouraged to personalize as you wish, *within the positive spirit of the rally*.  The dimensions available for you to personalize are approximately 10.5″ x 4″

 and save/download if you’d like a practice placard to see exactly what the lower half of the placard will look like.
Let’s all learn via Questions and Answers:

Q: Do I have to laminate my placard, and any tips or best practices?
A: We STRONGLY encourage you to laminate your placard.  You are free to do this as works best for you and the tools that you have at your disposal.  Most BMR participants go to a local office supply store with an electronic copy of their placard and say:  “Please print and laminate this”.  It’s tough to beat this method.  (HINT:  Why not get 2 done while you’re there and tuck the extra one away on your bike for a backup?)

Q: What about paper and lamination options:
A: We STRONGLY encourage  white cardstock. many prefer a gloss as it makes the colors sharp and that is fine too.  If cardstock is not available you likely will get better results using multiple pieces of paper.  Depending on where you go for laminating, you may be lucky enough to have options on lamination thickness and perhaps even no glare lamination.  If you’re provided with these options, take them.

Q:  PDF files are read-only, can I have this in a format that I can edit and electronically apply my artwork?
A:  No. You will only be provided  with a .PDF file.  If you want to create fancy stuff with your computer, feel free to do so, then print and apply to your placard before laminating.  Also, nothing wrong with hand drawings/artwork or even a nice “Hi Mom”. 

Q:  I don’t see a backside to the placard like last year? What do I do with the rear side?
A:  This year there is not a rear side to the placard. You may use the rear of the placard for anything you wish, here are some thoughts:
+ Duplicate the front side which will give you a placard with two front sides!
+ Put emergency information, on the backside.
+ Notes to yourself and/or important information.
+ Instructions if found. Perhaps a phone number so people can call you and ask what the reward is :-) … Perhaps instructions to leave in a conspicuous place where they found it as you may be returning for it.

Q:  My desire for personal expression has no boundaries and I’d like to use multiple placards that have been personalized in different ways, is doing so OK?
A:  Yes, It is acceptable to have multiple placards that have been personalized differently.  

Q:  Is there a limit to how many placards that I can create, and personalize differently?
A: No

Q:  What about different sizes?  Am I allowed to have various sizes to compliment my particular way of taking bonus pictures?
A:  Yes, and while this may not be for everyone, some riders like  to use different sizes and there are certainly valid reasons.   HOWEVER, you must keep the ratio and everything consistent with the original.

Examples of multiple sizes.

Use caution in experimenting with colored paper, in most all cases the results are not as good as white paper, we strongly suggest sticking with white.

We are flexible on placard size in an effort to help you meet the criteria we set on bonus  pictures.  Because we allow you to use a small size, doesn’t mean we want to see a tiny placard, it means you’ll be using that small size very close to the camera.

Also keep in mind that placards are required in personal pictures too.