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    • Thanks Erik! It was one of those times that almost everything worked as planned. I got caught in some construction on the way back in Atl but fortunately got through it. Waze said do something funcky without giving a real reason and i did not pay attention…like my wife, when i dont listen to waze its always a mistake…

  1. Fantastic ride Buddy, you really executed well and rode and rode and rode!!! talk to you Monday,

    • Thanks John and thank you for putting on this event. One of those times that everything fell in place. My friend Paul Slaton told me about you guys last year. I have learned so much about executing bonii from the BMR that I have used in all my other rallies. Thank you for your service to the LD community!

    • Thanks Angelo – in my short rally career this is the only time i have been able to execute the route that I actually planned…

    • Thank my friend. I appreciate all of your and Nadines’ help. I am looking forward to catching up in Natchez before the nitwit.

    • Thanks Kurt! Congrats on 2nd too btw. I had fun yesterday watching the points add up. You would get a bonii and bump ahead, then i would. I took a look at where you were and had no idea what you had left on your route. I knew it could be anything being I was hundreds of miles from the honey hole I was trying to get to.

      Thank you for motivating me to push through. I bruised my tailbone a couple of weeks ago. I was not able to do any riding prior to the rally for weeks and rode on a pillow the first day. I struggled the entire rally. I think the back and forth with you on points motivated me to keep going east when I could have turned and went to the house. Thanks for making this a great rally for me!

  2. Congratulations, monster ride! When my wife was telling me I had like 970 points after my last bonus, and there were guys going to get 1000 points BEFORE they finished, I was like whaaaaat?

    • Thanks – I was very fortunate. one of those rare times when you plan a route that falls in place exactly as you plan. When I left that morning I knew I had 10 minutes to spare and several stops to drop if needed. I gained a little time then lost it in Atlanta but ended up with 10 minutes to go! Great rally to participate in with great folks!

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