PP MacGyver Skills

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Some of you know I had electrical issues during the rally that almost shut me down. Found a similar problem on the Google and manufactured a solution with a zip-tie. The wire is related to the reverse system on the bike, and when it was causing problems the bike wouldn’t turn over at all. The nut and lock-washer were completely missing under the boot. Cost me a couple of hours on day 2 and about 30 minutes of labor at the end of the day in the hotel parking lot, but no problems the rest of the ride. BTW, RJ is a stand-up guy. I called him to let him know and he drove over to help (I was near Reno). Shouldn’t be surprised, but was very grateful :)

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PP Elk Crossing Indeed

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You see these signs along US 101 on the north coast of CA, but I haven’t ever seen them nearby. Until yesterday morning. Not exciting – plenty of time to slow down and observe. They were in no hurry to move along so had to drive through the herd. Unlike deer (who seem to throw themselves at oncoming traffic) these animals just do their thing. ——————————– Tim Allen timothya1@gmail.com ——————————–

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