About 015 Marc Beaulac

Started riding in the early 70s, but didn't own my first bike a Honda CB350 until 1981. All the oher s were friend bikes. Sold that and then got a 1980 CB900 10 spd tranny. Kept it for a year and then sold it as it wasn't pratical...kids got in the way and I needed the $$. Bought a Goldwing in 1994 and drove that for a year and then went bikeless until 2009. So a long time without. Decided to get back into it and bought Scrat my GL1800. Fun, then got into IBA crappolla, then Rally crappolla. Done a bit of both. Wing was fun, but not as much as I wanted so picked up a new to ne 2001 ST1100. That is a fun bike.