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I have been around motorcycles my entire life, which is more than most others can say. When I’m not following the BMR I’m playing with my mom and dad and enjoying the Battle Born State of Nevada. *If you don’t like the way I ride, stay off the sidewalk!* Luvs and Hugs, ..RG

PP Tim Allen back on the road

(1) 1 Luv


Got a call from Tim Allen, electrical issues with the new Goldwing (uhhh, he’s headed to Blythe). By the time I got there he had done a great job of diagnosing and correcting and was buttoning the bike back up.
{x] Here he is showing me that Goldwings are #1
[x] I learned some sailor words.
Great to see you Tim, ride safe and always a treat to cross paths with you!!

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