Bonus Listing

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Rally begins on Friday June 5, 04:15 RenoTime
Bonus Listing released June 5, 03:15 RenoTime
Rally Ends Sunday June 7, 22:51 RenoTime

Mandatory Corner Bonus Images:

*NOTE: Be sure to know the importance of earning each corner of your triangle twice! Ditto on earning rest bonuses.

(Now Available)Bonus Pack:

(Now Available)Data Files For Each Triangle:




Below are three simple images that give a quick snapshot of each triangle.  Bonus locations sorted by color, generic base route as well as traingle shape.  These images are *not* to the same scale.  The sole purpose of these images is to give you a quick visual snapshot of what you will find when you load your triangle's bonuses into your mapping program.

West Colors:

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Central Colors:

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East Colors:

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