4 thoughts on “CT220

  1. Congratulations Paul, you persevered, not always easy, ..yet you never lost focus of the primary goal. Cheers to you for staying tough, leading with your efforts as you ALWAYS do and for sharing this accomplishment with us. Respect and appreciation to you.

    • Thanks for this really cool and groovy rally. I expected it to be good, but it went off the charts exceeding all expectations. I guess that’s just typical for a BMR event.

  2. Congratulations on your BMRX Central triangle win!

    How cool was that to finally catch up with you at the very last stop in the very last hour of the rally?

    Enjoyed our short visit – we’ll have to get together for a meal and talk about our BMRx adventures.

    • That was the cherry on the sundae, John. Just wouldn’t have been right without getting to see you all. Seeing that we had the same thinking on much of the rally gave me encouragement that I must be doing it right. You guys are awesome!

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