5 thoughts on “CC282 Stovepipe Wells Village

    • OMG, I passed you when you were on the side of the road with the RV. Then I saw motorcycle gear outside the store but no rider. I took a jolt on one of those rocks too, I was praying I wasn’t going to damage the rim. Actually, I haven’t looked, but I didn’t lose air so I suspect is fine.
      For those wondering, while going around a turn, both side of the road were littered with rocks, nice big ones, a rock slide or something had happened. There was no avoiding rocks at 65 mph. Steve, your lucky it’s only a rim.

  1. I saw you go by! And I said to myself… I think I know that person! They have an aux tank! Glad you escaped better than I did! The Camper folks were from Holland and real nice, took me to Stovepipe. Bikes at Wendy Crockett’s, getting wheels on order today.

    • Where’d you go after you dropped your gear? I tryed to find the PO, but Ms Garmin led me astray, which is why you got to Stovepipe before me. So glad you’re ok….and the bike will be too!

  2. Glad you’re okay, Mr. McCaa! I hit a rock on Hwy 2 in the Angeles Natl Forest… sliced the sidewall of my right front tire… could’ve been way nastier had it been a 2-wheeler that hit it… good to hear you didn’t go down and the bike is in very capable hands with Wendy and her assistant, Tess! ;)

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