Gerlach Webcam

Live Gerlach Webcam

What you’re seeing is a live image, refreshing once a minute, from a camera atop Burning Man’s Gerlach office, aiming north towards the playa. The Gerlach water tower is on the right and Bruno’s is across the street.

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Paul Slaton

Congratulations to everyone. What a year. It was a blast to tag along with all of you. This was probably the best one yet. A great adventure following Bob and Carl and the rest of the Unobtaniumati. My greatest regret is missing the VF012 bonus.


I see a small herd 🙂

Jim Beckett

My goal is to get in that webcam tomorrow. Haha

Jim, I have a story for you that will have you die laughing. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Be safe.


Love this!

Nancy Foote

Looks like a nice day in Gerlach! We’ll be there soon!