BMR 2017 -What To Expect

The many people who make BMR possible have decided to do another year.
– Big thanks to the riders and volunteers who make this grass-root event possible.
– As always the event will start Jan01 2017, the end will be noon Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend (May27th this year).
– We’ve come a long way since year one. This is the 6th BMR and the 9th BMR-style event. Along the way over 125,000 bonuses have been submitted and scored in (near)real time. Over 500 riders have been a part of the event, and most BMR2017 participants are veteran BMR finishers. Amazing efforts by many.
– Every event we learn. We’re truly on uncharted waters in the innovations that we bring to competitive motorcycling fun. We then apply and invest what we do best and purge what we don’t. This year, you’ll again see the event doing more in some technology areas to improve the riders’ experience. Constant improvement is our goal as we thrive to bring riders the best competitive-touring format available.
– BMR Banquet: (Optional, we know not everyone can attend) We’re exploring new locations. Yes, it will happen Saturday May 27th. Place/venue has yet to be decided but like all BMR functions it will be grass roots and all are welcome to contribute and offer venue location ideas.
– BMR finisher shirts: Last year Kurt Worden led the effort to make shirts available for riders by establishing a partnership with Lands End. This again will be how shirts are done in BMR2017. More on this later, but our partnership with Lands End for all types of swag is a promising and offers great options to riders.

Thank You for your interest in BMR2017. The bonuses/riding will be spectacular, only topped by the quality people who make up the BMR.
Thanks again to the many who make BMR possible.