RSVP VF001 -Vancouver BC

RSVP to VF001 April 01 2017, Vancouver BC; Bill Watt

Please send Bill an email with your status:

watt.bill (at )

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303 Craig Porter

I will be there! Not on my own R1200R, but on a rental F800GT. I intend to bring extra canned goods to compensate.

Craig, that’s awesome. No doubt this bonus will be a great time.

303 Craig Porter

Hi, is it valid to rent a motorcycle and participate in this bonus? I don’t have time to ride up (due to work), but I may be able to swing fly and renting.

★51 Tim Allen

I am planning to make the trek up there…anyone else planning to make it?

Can’t pass up an opportunity for Moose…

Yuup I fully intend to be there.

Bruce, If you ran the Kneeknacker VF001 bonus is a walk in the park for you.

We will be serving delicious food and have BMR iPhone Camera Crews on site.

Bruce Vanderzyde

Bill – sorry I’ll miss the trip back to North Vancouver – we used to live at the base of Mount Seymour and I miss running the Knee Knacker along the Baden-Powell trail, one of the most beautiful runs in the world.
Let us know if you’re ever down in Houston, no scenery here but plenty of good BBQ.