Sad Hearts. Goodbye Peter Behm

This afternoon we lost a dear friend and wonderful contributor to motorcycle goodness. Peter Behm lost his battle with cancer.

Peter was a friend of this event. Peter gave constructive input in the BMR’s early years. Peter is a dear friend of the Austin family. More importantly: Peter was a magnificent, polite and under-spoken contributor to the motorcycle community.

Please take some time this weekend to reflect on this loss. Please take some time to hug those who are important to you.

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John Huval 467

It is so great to read stories about Pete — thanks for sharing. Like many others, Nadine and I had the pleasure of meeting Pete on a few occasions and we are thankful for his encouragement. I asked him one time if he was going to rally again and he said he liked working as a scout or volunteer to give something back — and every time we saw him he was giving something back. 🙂

I never had the honor of talking to Peter even though I think I might have met him during the Big Sky 2015 Rally. I understand from friends in the riding community what a HUGE person he was because of he was humble, kind, caring, encouraging and always had a nice word to share with the person he met. I wish there were more people in the riding community and in the world like Peter. We are all better people by having met them. I agree with Paul Slaton’s comment, and while I will never be an Ardys, JR, Peter… Read more »
Dan Simmonds

Peter was my scorer at my first-ever rally (Big Sky, 2015). I told him it was my first, and he quickly complimented me & took the time to explain everything in detail. Sitting down with Peter, after having never met him prior, left me immediately thinking what a genuinely sincere and kind fellow he was. Wanting to strike up small talk, I commented to him that I knew he was the winner of a past IBR, and Peter just quietly nodded yes in the most subtle and humble way possible. What a great guy that will be missed.

Jack Weston

All should know that when Peter ended this journey he took a little piece of all of those who touched his heart to comfort him on his next journey. Ride on Peter.

I’m sorry to hear this news 🙁

Paul Slaton
I would like to offer a bit of unsolicited advice here. Sometimes we take for granted what an unbelievably special group of people we have in this community. I am no exception. I have squandered opportunity upon opportunity to spend time with people like Peter under the guise that I’m not worthy of their time. I have become aware that nothing is probably further from the truth. I have denied myself the honor and the pleasure of spending time with people like Ardys Kellerman, John Ryan, and most recently, Peter Behm. Even though I met them, I can say that… Read more »
Chris Purney

I am just as guilty Paul and I concur with RJ, that’s some excellent advice you’ve posted. Thank you.

Ride In Peace Peter. Until we meet again…

★75 Bill Lynes

Great wisdom Paul.

Beautiful words Paul. And great advice. We’re all very blessed to be surrounded by such great people.

Buddy Corbin

Peter “friended” me at my first rally (Big Sky 2015) and showed me the ropes. He even insisted I borrow his SPOT for the rally. He was always inspirational and there to help and contribute. I was just thinking about Peter yesterday morning and hoping he was doing ok, then we get this news late yesterday. He will be missed.

Sad, sad, sad

Kelly Van Allen

OMGosh – I love this community and mostly because I know how much you all love, care and respect one another. We are so sorry for your loss of a dear friend. Big Hugs!!!

Yancey McCauley

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Rest in peace

Gary Whitehead

It’s interesting how we are periodically reminded of what is REALLY important.

Nancy Foote 065

RJ, our sincerest and heartfelt condolences to you and the IBA community. Thank you for sharing the pictures and memories – the best memories are the ones you keep in your heart.

303 Craig Porter

2016 strikes again. Sorry to hear this news 🙁