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144 = Finisher  /  216 = Bronze   /   288 = Silver  /  360 = Gold  /  540 = Gold +  /  720 = Platinum  /  911 = Unobtanium

Below Is Not A Roster, Only Riders With Scored Submission Are Shown.

Primary Leader Board with Last_Update

11385.83UnobtaniumOver a month agoRed
21089.62UnobtaniumOver a month agoRed
31028.48UnobtaniumOver a month agoBlue
4786.63PlatinumOver a month agoPurple
5784.50PlatinumOver a month agoPurple
6764.40PlatinumOver a month agoPurple
7758.89PlatinumOver a month agoPurple
8714.74Gold +Over a month agoBlue
9643.58Gold +Over a month agoRed
10619.86Gold +Over a month agoOrange
11572.83Gold +Over a month agoYellow
12559.54Gold +Over a month agoOrange
13543.98Gold +Over a month agoBlue
14540.56Gold +Over a month agoYellow
15498.59GoldOver a month agoPurple
16495.41GoldOver a month agoRed
17473.96GoldOver a month agoGreen
18473.17GoldOver a month agoOrange
19469.84GoldOver a month agoOrange
20466.32GoldOver a month agoBlue
21439.52GoldOver a month agoPurple
22413.04GoldOver a month agoPurple
23412.72GoldOver a month agoOrange
24401.95GoldOver a month agoYellow
25395.66GoldOver a month agoPurple
26394.73GoldOver a month agoBlue
27393.35GoldOver a month agoPurple
28392.45GoldOver a month agoGreen
29379.29GoldOver a month agoYellow
30369.76GoldOver a month agoBlue
31362.69GoldOver a month agoRed
32362.12GoldOver a month agoRed
33360.00GoldOver a month agoRed
34334.70SilverOver a month agoGreen
35334.58SilverOver a month agoOrange
36331.81SilverOver a month agoGreen
37318.61SilverOver a month agoBlue
38314.29SilverOver a month agoOrange
39309.66SilverOver a month agoGreen
40301.62SilverOver a month agoBlue
41301.54SilverOver a month agoBlue
42292.46SilverOver a month agoOrange
43292.34SilverOver a month agoRed
44288.75SilverOver a month agoGreen
45288.38SilverOver a month agoRed
46259.02BronzeOver a month agoOrange
47256.64BronzeOver a month agoGreen
48251.30BronzeOver a month agoPurple
49243.96BronzeOver a month agoYellow
50243.33BronzeOver a month agoGreen
51242.31BronzeOver a month agoOrange
52236.20BronzeOver a month agoPurple
53227.39BronzeOver a month agoOrange
54226.73BronzeOver a month agoGreen
55218.52BronzeOver a month agoYellow
56213.50FinisherOver a month agoPurple
57212.97FinisherOver a month agoRed
58198.05FinisherOver a month agoRed
59196.51FinisherOver a month agoPurple
60193.80FinisherOver a month agoRed
61189.32FinisherOver a month agoPurple
62189.28FinisherOver a month agoOrange
63189.11FinisherOver a month agoYellow
64186.55FinisherOver a month agoGreen
65184.26FinisherOver a month agoBlue
66181.78FinisherOver a month agoPurple
67179.78FinisherOver a month agoBlue
68179.34FinisherOver a month agoYellow
69177.46FinisherOver a month agoOrange
70169.20FinisherOver a month agoRed
71165.50FinisherOver a month agoYellow
72164.51FinisherOver a month agoGreen
73163.98FinisherOver a month agoBlue
74163.64FinisherOver a month agoPurple
75162.30FinisherOver a month agoOrange
76161.96FinisherOver a month agoOrange
77161.52FinisherOver a month agoYellow
78158.06FinisherOver a month agoPurple
79157.87FinisherOver a month agoRed
80156.22FinisherOver a month agoBlue
81154.01FinisherOver a month agoPurple
82151.67FinisherOver a month agoGreen
83150.33FinisherOver a month agoGreen
84149.17FinisherOver a month agoBlue
85148.67FinisherOver a month agoGreen
86148.60FinisherOver a month agoRed
87148.08FinisherOver a month agoYellow
88147.76FinisherOver a month agoGreen
89147.52FinisherOver a month agoOrange
90147.34FinisherOver a month agoGreen
91146.77FinisherOver a month agoYellow
92145.91FinisherOver a month agoRed
93145.57FinisherOver a month agoBlue
94145.45FinisherOver a month agoBlue
95144.02FinisherOver a month agoYellow
96124.06Not YetOver a month agoRed
97120.33Not YetOver a month agoOrange
98110.09Not YetOver a month agoRed
9975.02Not YetOver a month agoYellow
10070.09Not YetOver a month agoGreen
10165.68Not YetOver a month agoYellow
10265.15Not YetOver a month agoYellow
10358.67Not YetOver a month agoYellow
10455.99Not YetOver a month agoBlue
10552.05Not YetOver a month agoBlue
10650.99Not YetOver a month agoOrange
10750.03Not YetOver a month agoYellow
10848.29Not YetOver a month agoGreen
10928.39Not YetOver a month agoBlue
11027.64Not YetOver a month agoPurple
11124.91Not YetOver a month agoRed
11224.81Not YetOver a month agopurple
11322.20Not YetOver a month agoYellow
11419.29Not YetOver a month agoOrange
11519.02Not YetOver a month agoBlue
11616.98Not YetOver a month agoGreen
11716.04Not YetOver a month agoPurple
11814.01Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1197.51Not YetOver a month agoRed
1204.57Not YetOver a month agoPurple
1213.34Not YetOver a month agoBlue
1222.25Not YetOver a month agoBlue
1222.25Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1222.25Not YetOver a month agoGreen
1250.00Not YetOver a month agoBlue
1250.00Not YetOver a month ago
1250.00Not YetOver a month ago
1250.00Not YetOver a month agoRed
1250.00Not YetOver a month agoPurple
1250.00Not YetOver a month agoYellow
1250.00Not YetOver a month ago

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