BMR participants have said nice things, but we’ve never shared them. Starting 2016 we’re going to start sharing them as a way to say “Thanks”.
The riders below have created a community of BMR participants who take pride in their efforts …and the event’s top priority is to reciprocate as best we can. Thanks to all who have said nice things, you are appreciated. We’ll work hard to provide you with an event that matches your great efforts.

About the 2015 BMR. First, let me say thank you. Ande and I did several traditional Rallies leading up to the 15 IBR, but I am convinced last year's BMR (and the 14 BMR too) played the largest role in preparing us for this year's IBR and allowed us to accomplish our goal of a top 10 finish.
Jon Good, Ande Bergmann


2015 was my first BMR and it was an extraordinarily positive experience in every way. I improved my skills in riding, rallying, sportsmanship, and throughout the rally, was able to get to know myself better. I found myself on the bike on days that I most certainly would not have otherwise; I traveled roads that I KNOW I might not have ever found myself on; I saw some of the most awesome sights and met some of the most incredible people along the way; I gained a deep and abiding respect and admiration for the organizers and scoring staff while I was doing the BMR that I find has carried over into other rallies in positive ways. This is a rally that just has something for everyone. It can be a purely leisurely endeavor, or it can be fiercely competitive while maintaining a “fun factor” that is off the charts. 
This is a great rally for those willing to challenge themselves and expand their abilities. It will require commitment and effort to provide the highest quality bonus submissions. Maintaining the highest level of respect, consideration, and sportsmanship directed toward the scoring staff is the KEY to success in the BMR. Anyone willing to hold themselves to the highest level of integrity can expect an unforgettable ride.
Paul Slaton #395


The Big Money Rally is both much larger than it’s name implies and more simple at the same time. To somebody who hasn’t ridden it before the BMR it offers a reason to flip that starter motor, wheel your bike out of your garage, and go see something you haven’t seen before on a road you haven’t been before…often in your own area code. If you haven’t done it before–it really is that simple. Try it and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. 
But the BMR can also be much more than that once you bag your first bonus. It can be a history lesson where some fellow rider has strung together interesting places to ride that tell a tale, a nerdfest of OCD where you ride ferries all over the place, nostalgic with the tune “I’ve Been Everywhere” stuck in your head as you visit the actual places in the song, a daredevil banzai run in January to border states with Canada to cross as many times as you can between snow storms, or as easy as a ready-to-download ride route to see a wide arc of Americana. It’s all of these, some of these, or again just as simple as a nudge go out and ride part of a gas tank one afternoon. 
I hope to see you on the road.

Matt Watkins #12


When I began the 2015 Big Money Rally on January 1st, my goal was to collect the 144 points in order to achieve finisher status. I had no idea I would become consumed in the event and ride 7,800 miles to eventually place amongst the top 10.

Richard Swim #438


This is the best time I have with any rally I've been a part of. I truly appreciate all the hard work the team puts into making this rally fun and successful.

Kevin Carter #364


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