BMR2016 -What To Expect

The many people who make BMR possible have decided to go another year.
Big thanks to the riders and volunteers who make this grass-root event possible.
We’ve come a long way since year one. This is the 5th BMR and the 7th BMR-style event. Along the way over 100,000 bonuses have been submitted and scored in near real time. Amazing efforts by many many riders. Over 450 riders have been a part of the event, and most participants are veteran BMR finishers.
BMR2016 will be the longest yet: 148.46days; 3,563.00hours; 213,780.00minutes and 12,826,800.00seconds. Not purposeful, we wanted to go the other direction but leap year and Memorial Day did not cooperate.
Every event we learn a bunch. We’re truly on uncharted waters. We then apply and invest what we do best and purge what we don’t. In BMR2016 You’ll see the event doing more in some technical areas to improve the riders’ experience. We’re working hard to bring the best competitive-sport-touring format available. Additionally, you’ll see us stepping back from things we don’t do well and channel those resources into our core competencies.
- BMR finisher shirts: Since year one have been a highlight of the event for many of us. And proudly the highest quality rally shirt that we’re aware of. But, they have also been a royal PIA for yours truly!
Finisher shirts may be going away in 2016. If someone wants to pick up the chore, it’s possible that they may continue, but they will be an option, and FINISHERS wanting a shirt might pay additional cost. If shirts go away, finisher certificates will be the replacement.
The reason is two-fold: We are facing additional hard costs this year, and we want to invest back into the core components of the event …while not raising the very reasonable cost of entry. BTW: This is year number five with no price increase and we’re committed to be the best value in competitive motorcycle touring.
BMR Banquet: We’re exploring new locations. Moving the banquet was part of the original plan if the event continued -and finally we’re looking to make good on that goal. We think it’s healthy for the banquet to be done in various geographic locations. A few locations we’re currently looking at for 2016 include: Oregon, Southern Nevada as well as two foreign locations: British Columbia and Texas.
Ideas, suggestions and offers of help are certainly welcome. Yes, it will happen Saturday May 28th.

Thank You for your interest in BMR2016. The bonuses this year are spectacular, the practice rally is now open and BMR2015 participants are welcome to post to the new site …do exactly as you did last year.
GREAT things coming your way this year -Thanks again to the many who make BMR possible.

8 thoughts on “BMR2016 -What To Expect

  1. Well, since you pulled the trigger again, I’ll have to throw my helmet in the ring.

    We’ll be in touch to help. BTW, we are in AZ now. I “flew” through Sparks at an hour that I figured you wouldn’t want to hear from anyone.

  2. BMR time is what? Sorry, to have fun, one must enjoy the ride. I have missed doing the BMR a couple years for medical reasons, but now find I can’t even understand what you are doing or how to write the date and time. I think I will just go out and ride 5 or 10,000 miles and enjoy the ride and my FJ-09 and forget about grease pencils and post-its. Have a great time in 2016, heres wishing you Luck.

  3. I just wanted to say that I read through the newsletter I received in my email today, and the thing that impresses me the most is that everyone who puts the rally together really wants you to finish! I appreciate it and I will do my utmost to take the best bonus pictures I can :D

  4. The bonus listing for 2016 is soooo delectible. Besides the WOD (my personal favorite), the ZC bonus is intriguing based on some preliminary work I’ve done on it. . .

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