BMR Banquet 2015

Consistent with all aspects of this rally, all attempts have been made to keep the cost low and the value high. The main focus of the banquet is to showcase the amazing efforts and fun that we see and share during the rally. It will also be a great venue for you to meet and share stories/fun with other riders. Those who attended last year will tell you that it’s not a traditional banquet, and this year we have MUCH more in the mix.

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46 thoughts on “BMR Banquet 2015

  1. Any thoughts on time for the Friday evening dinner? Trying to gauge how crazy my Friday ride needs to be…

  2. LOL, thanks Nancy, I meant the pictures that MUST have been taken after the bikes were parked for the day and the liquor was opened…I see everyone has their five bucks out :)

    You guys aren’t right, but you’re alright!

  3. Speaking of Space Shuttles, is anyone planning on doing the IBA Memorial Day Memorial Ride from/after the banquet?

      • This is from an email by Mike Kneebone:

        Each year in the fall we have hosted a set of Memorial rides to remember those that are no longer with us. Since this is a world-wide event, those in the far north as well as the Southern Hemisphere, found them selves facing extreme weather. This year, Howard Entman’s team has turned up the heat and decided something needed to be done and what better way then to hold a Memorial Ride on Memorial Day? There will still be our normal fall Memorial Series, but if the weather has held you back, let’s see if May 25, 2015 brings warmer weather.

        This year’s requirements are simple – you can ride any certificate ride, but you must be riding at some point on May 25, Memorial Day. So you can start your SaddleSore on May 24th and finish on the 25th, or start on the 25th and finish on the 26th. If you dedicate this ride to someone, or a special group or people, the IBA will issue a special Memorial ride certification.

  4. What time is supper on Friday night? Want to make sure I get there with enough time to take a shower. My gift to you all. Just the kind of guy I am.

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