Q & A

Q:  Must I have a phone capable of sending pictures via email to participate in this rally?
A:  Yes, you must have a phone capable of sending pictures via email.
Q:  I don’t have a phone capable of sending emails/pictures, is there anyway to participate?
A:  No.   However be aware that there are some very cost-effective phones and data plans out there.  Also many participants have been able to make their “dumb” phones work.  
Q:  Is this a competitive rally?
A:  This rally is a new format, we refer to it as competitive touring. Participants’ primary focus should be on “finishing”.  “Finishing” is not hard to obtain.   Also, because this rally is scored (nearly)real-time you’ll be able to know the status of your fellow riders as well as yourself.
Q:  Unfortunately my budget and/or work prohibit me from attending the banquet …..
A:  Understood.  We’ll miss you and realize that not everyone can make the banquet, but know that your finisher’s shirt, awards and swag will be mailed to you. 
Q:  How do my bonus pictures get from my phone to this site?
A:  Magic.   When you sign up, you’ll be provided with some simple instructions that will enable your phone to post pictures to this site under your unique profile.  While simple to do, you’ll want to practice and best to sign up early to allow time to do so. 
Q:  Golly, this rally seems like some good fun, and I’d like to help and/or contribute somehow, is there a way to do so?
A:  Yes, this is a grass-root event, if you have skills and want to help, -we will put you to work.
Q:  If I stumble across something fun or unique while on this rally and want to share the picture via this site, can I post the picture -even though it isn’t a rally bonus?
A:  Yes,   Please don’t overwhelm us with boring stuff, but please share the fun or interesting things that you encounter.  Some of the best fun comes from spontaneous personal pictures.  You will be given information on how to submit personal pictures.
Q: Can We Do This 2-up?
A:  There are three options for pillions this year.

1.) Rider and pillion are scored as one. Both rider and pillion must sign up for the rally, but their score is done under a single line item. Pillion and both placards must be in all bonus submissions.  If the pillion is not in the picture, no points will be earned. If the primary rider wants to earn his/her own points without the pillion on solo rides, this is not a good option.

2.) Rider and pillion each claim their own submissions. Each one is required to submit a picture with the needed criteria and their own placard and own phone. They are truly viewed as and scored as independent riders -including their own email account that pictures will be sent from. If your pillion is part-time rider, and or if sometimes on his/her own bike, this is a good option.

3.) Pillion is along for the ride, not in the rally. No crime in this. Pillion will not earn any points, is not a rally participants and is just along for the ride (kinda like luggage).
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