Primary Leader Board

Finisher = 144  /  Bronze = 216   /   Silver = 288  /  Gold = 360  /  Unobtanium = 911

Primary Leader Board with Last_Update

12420.34GoogolplexOver a month agoGreen
21668.25UnobtaniumOver a month agoPurple
31411.21UnobtaniumOver a month agoGreen
41263.65UnobtaniumOver a month agoYellow
5939.38UnobtaniumOver a month agoGreen
6851.44GoldOver a month agoGreen
7821.52GoldOver a month agoYellow
8812.28GoldOver a month agoGreen
9804.94GoldOver a month agoOrange
10800.93GoldOver a month agoRed
11772.06GoldOver a month agoBlue
12734.96GoldOver a month agoBlue
13725.81GoldOver a month agoOrange
14717.13GoldOver a month agoOrange
15711.14GoldOver a month agoBlue
16672.35GoldOver a month agoYellow
17660.96GoldOver a month agoPurple
18628.42GoldOver a month agoGreen
19617.80GoldOver a month agoBlue
20617.55GoldOver a month agoYellow
21585.98GoldOver a month agoBlue
22548.58GoldOver a month agoBlue
23546.80GoldOver a month agoBlue
24546.39GoldOver a month agoBlue
25539.33GoldOver a month agoRed
26538.99GoldOver a month agoYellow
27534.51GoldOver a month agoGreen
28528.24GoldOver a month agoYellow
29513.97GoldOver a month agoOrange
30512.80GoldOver a month agoPurple
31511.61GoldOver a month agoYellow
32503.95GoldOver a month agoYellow
33500.45GoldOver a month agoYellow
34493.48GoldOver a month agoBlue
35467.63GoldOver a month agoRed
36463.91GoldOver a month agoRed
37438.78GoldOver a month agoGreen
38435.88GoldOver a month agoPurple
39431.94GoldOver a month agoRed
40426.62GoldOver a month agoOrange
41420.10GoldOver a month agoGreen
42411.39GoldOver a month agoPurple
43394.23GoldOver a month agoYellow
44392.54GoldOver a month agoYellow
45381.37GoldOver a month agoBlue
46367.86GoldOver a month agoYellow
47366.73GoldOver a month agoRed
48363.18GoldOver a month agoPurple
49362.35GoldOver a month agoRed
50338.33SilverOver a month agoPurple
51337.37SilverOver a month agoGreen
52334.39SilverOver a month agoOrange
53334.34SilverOver a month agoPurple
54331.21SilverOver a month agoOrange
55324.75SilverOver a month agoRed
56300.89SilverOver a month agoGreen
57298.60SilverOver a month agoYellow
58295.64SilverOver a month agoPurple
59293.50SilverOver a month agoOrange
60292.73SilverOver a month agoOrange
61290.52SilverOver a month agoRed
62283.83BronzeOver a month agoBlue
63264.08BronzeOver a month agoBlue
64258.85BronzeOver a month agoBlue
65255.92BronzeOver a month agoOrange
66255.67BronzeOver a month agoPurple
67243.92BronzeOver a month agoYellow
68242.33BronzeOver a month agoGreen
69240.70BronzeOver a month agoRed
70239.75BronzeOver a month agoRed
71221.84BronzeOver a month agoGreen
72221.18BronzeOver a month agoPurple
73220.91BronzeOver a month agoOrange
74220.69BronzeOver a month agoGreen
75220.14BronzeOver a month agoPurple
76219.56BronzeOver a month agoPurple
77219.46BronzeOver a month agoRed
78218.91BronzeOver a month agoGreen
79216.25BronzeOver a month agoYellow
80207.21FinisherOver a month agoBlue
81204.06FinisherOver a month agoGreen
82193.36FinisherOver a month agoPurple
83190.59FinisherOver a month agoOrange
84180.44FinisherOver a month agoYellow
85178.75FinisherOver a month agoOrange
86175.65FinisherOver a month agoYellow
87170.05FinisherOver a month agoRed
88169.81FinisherOver a month agoRed
89169.40FinisherOver a month agoGreen
90169.28FinisherOver a month agoRed
91163.11FinisherOver a month agoBlue
92162.61FinisherOver a month agoPurple
93160.56FinisherOver a month agoBlue
94159.96FinisherOver a month agoRed
95159.19FinisherOver a month agoRed
96159.09FinisherOver a month agoBlue
97157.66FinisherOver a month agoOrange
98157.63FinisherOver a month agoBlue
99152.01FinisherOver a month agoRed
100151.96FinisherOver a month agoBlue
101149.00FinisherOver a month agoRed
102146.22FinisherOver a month agoRed
103145.75FinisherOver a month agoOrange
104145.20FinisherOver a month agoPurple
105145.04FinisherOver a month agoPurple
106144.80FinisherOver a month agoYellow
107144.62FinisherOver a month agoOrange
108144.47FinisherOver a month agoGreen
109134.62Not YetOver a month agoBlue
110133.91Not YetOver a month agoGreen
111108.60Not YetOver a month agoPurple
11281.58Not YetOver a month agoYellow
11381.15Not YetOver a month agoRed
11477.07Not YetOver a month agoRed
11571.18Not YetOver a month agoOrange
11664.74Not YetOver a month agoYellow
11758.61Not YetOver a month agoGreen
11857.01Not YetOver a month agoGreen
11953.92Not YetOver a month agoYellow
12053.19Not YetOver a month agoYellow
12151.08Not YetOver a month agoOrange
12247.18Not YetOver a month agoPurple
12346.98Not YetOver a month agoRed
12442.73Not YetOver a month agoYellow
12538.52Not YetOver a month agoGreen
12637.71Not YetOver a month agoRed
12732.85Not YetOver a month agoPurple
12831.17Not YetOver a month agoBlue
12929.86Not YetOver a month agoPurple
13018.96Not YetOver a month agoGreen
13115.08Not YetOver a month agoYellow
13212.41Not YetOver a month agoPurple
13310.89Not YetOver a month agoGreen
13410.52Not YetOver a month agoGreen
1359.47Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1367.99Not YetOver a month agoRed
1377.26Not YetOver a month agoYellow
1382.27Not YetOver a month agoRed
1391.11Not YetOver a month agoBlue
1401.07Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1411.04Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1420.00Not YetOver a month agoYellow
1420.00Not YetOver a month agoBlue
1420.00Not YetOver a month agoRed
1420.00Not YetOver a month ago
1420.00Not YetOver a month ago
1420.00Not YetOver a month ago
1420.00Not YetOver a month agoOrange
1420.00Not YetOver a month agoOrange

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