Tom Melchild RIP

We have lost a wonderful contributor to the moto-bike world, -and a beautiful person and friend.
Many in this event have long and strong friendships with Tom. Tom shaped many riders, he taught many of us the value of good sportsmanship and fun in competitive rallies.
Many of us have infinite stories to share, -stories of our interactions with Tom. Tom brought so much, he will be dearly missed and forever loved.
Prayers and positive thoughts to Tom’s family. Our hearts ache for your loss.

Tom Melchild and RenoGrace sharing things they both enjoy ...Telling stories and food! ...Here at a crab feed.

A few snapshots of Tom …various events and functions.



2 thoughts on “Tom Melchild RIP

  1. Yes, thank you, John, for sharing memories of Tom. He was a giant of a man (quite literally) in our small community. And, I imagine a lot of non-m/c people feel the same. I will miss his big smile and laugh and truly gentle self. Tom lost this battle, but we’re all winners for having known him.

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