#363 Reagan Walters


Today we learned that Reagan Walters was involved in a motorcycle accident and succumbed to the injuries.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to her husband Brian and all family and friends.
Losing Reagan is tragic and sad beyond words.

BMR veterans will recall Reagan and the great spirit that she brought to life and the BMR. Reagan and Brian frequently earned BMR points together and as most of you know, Brian is a core component of the BMR scoring team. We all can only attempt to imagine the shock and pain that Brian is experiencing.
We all remember the fun and inspiration that the Reagan brought to us. She captured our attention and imagination: We all followed closely as she fought tough challenges in the final days to reach Finisher Status. In hard-fought and dramatic style, Reagan earned finisher status with just minutes left on the clock. At the BMR banquet and around the country people were cheering and it was a very special and memorable moment.
We all share our warmest and most sincere prayers and support to Brian and all of Reagan’s family and friends.





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