Video Tutorial: Bonus Listing To Electronic Waypoints In Your GPS via S&T + Basecamp

Great resources here.  Keep in mind all waypoints provided by the BMR are a courtesy.  While great efforts have been made to provide accurate data, there will be errors.  Also note that you will want to continually update your work by consistently checking the  page.
Below are a wonderful series of video tutorials by BMR participant (and point whore) Bruce Vanderzyde.  Bruce takes you through *his* method of working with BMR bonus data.  No doubt you can take big or small components from it and apply to your way of doing things.  Note:  Bruce was generous enough to not only provide this tutorial, but he also offered up his data files.  Use at your own risk and be sure to note clarifications/changes as they become available.  Big Thanks to Bruce for this wonderful video tutorial. 

Motorcycle rallying is evolving away from paper maps to computer based mapping programs that load bonus locations onto your GPS.
The challenge is that there is no training available specifically on how to do this. Until now.

We’ve put together a series of videos that will show you how to take the BMR bonus list from PDF to Excel to Microsoft Streets and Trips to your GPS so you can plan out your route in advance, load it onto your GPS and ride from point to point with bonus codes and names coming up as you approach each bonus location.
There are many combinations of software you could use to achieve this goal. This example uses Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel and Streets and Trips. You could use other programs instead, including Garmin Basecamp for mapping. The point of the videos is to give you a demonstration of one end to end solution. There will likely be good feedback on different and better ways to accomplish the process, sharing knowledge is how we all get better at rallying.
As you will see in the videos not all bonus locations can be automatically mapped. Some are designed with imprecise locations to get you to look around, some addresses or cities could not be mapped by Streets and Trips. There will always be some manual plotting of bonus locations on a map.
We are providing the Streets and Trips and Excel files for all of the location based bonuses to you in a zip file. The file is password protected and you can get the password from watching the introduction video.
This process it pretty geeky and will require some computer skills and software.
Use these files at your own risk, you might end up somewhere other than the place you wanted to go. Streets and trips is one mapping engine, your GPS is another, bonus listings may be wrong and this combination leaves lots of room for errors. When that happens relax and use your phone to google the bonus location to see how far off you are.
Remember to stay safe – your GPS can be a distraction to look at. It’s better to miss a turn than make sudden movements like grabbing a handful of brakes and turning at the same time because your GPS said to turn NOW. Always stop to figure things out when your GPS is confused rather than ride and push buttons at the same time. Missing a turn or getting lost is normal, don’t get stressed when it happens.
We hope you find these videos helpful and by sharing this knowledge we hope to get you out riding more

Zip File –
Download this file to get individual bonuses by theme in Excel along with an Excel Macro enabled spreadsheet that will extract a hyperlink from an Excel field. The password is located in the introduction video. There are many ways you can use these files:
Click Image To Download Zip File
1. Follow the video to learn how to use Streets and Trips
2. Import the Excel files into Basecamp or another program
3. Skip importing, open the Streets and Trips Map and start with Chapter 3 to learn how to plot routes and get them on your GPS
4. Use the Excel files to build your own route files manually

Introduction Video
An overview of getting bonuses on your GPS

Chapter 1 Video
How to get bonus information from PDF’s into Excel and format a spreadsheet for import

Chapter 2 Video
How to import Excel spreadsheets into Microsoft Streets and Trips

Chapter 3 Video
How to plot a route in Streets and Trips

Chapter 4 Video
How to get your route onto your GPS


Below is a great contribution by BMR participant and friend Maura Gatensby.  Maura takes you through a sharp Basecamp instructional and provides files.  Also linked are some great Basecamp Tutorials.  Big Thanks To Maura!  Important:  Use at your own risk and be sure to regularly view the clarifications/changes page on the BMR website

BMR participant and friend Maura Gatensby has put together this tutorial to convert the files that Bruce provided to GPX files. Use at your own risk and be sure to update accordingly by following the Clarification and Corrections page.
Maura Has provided a nice PDF on how to take your work created using Bruce’s tutorial above and create GPX files which can be used in Basecamp.




A really nice collection of tutorials put together by Maura:

Click Image To View Tutorials On

10 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Bonus Listing To Electronic Waypoints In Your GPS via S&T + Basecamp

  1. Anybody else entering the Luddite Division? I don’t have a laptop and don’t have Excel on my desktop, so I’ll be entering coordinates into Basecamp manually and hopefully transferring routes and waypoints to my GPS. I expect this will be quite a learning experience! :)

    • You don’t need excel to download Maura’s files into basecamp. Just save them to your computer and drag them onto the basecamp map (or you can import them into basecamp from your desktop).

      • I appreciate your reply, Nancy! Thanks to your input I did a little more research and actually learned a few things in spite of myself. Now I have all kinds of nifty little symbols floating around in Basecamp (which I am just starting to learn)! As previously mentioned, I expected this to be a learning experience; it looks like I was right. Again, thanks!

  2. Read the PDF tutorial before opening GPX files …. at least if you want to organize your data in a useful way in BaseCamp, I have been busy with searching and manually waypointing all the cool word match locations within January riding distance :)

    • Maura, thank you for providing the GPX files. I just got them loaded into Basecamp so I can begin playing with routes and ride plans. For those of us with limited computer expertise, this enables us to play the game a little more easily. Merci.

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