BMR2015 -What To Expect

BMR 2015 marks the 4th consecutive year ..and every year effort is invested to make the event better for all involved. We’ve certainly come a long way.

BMR15 will embrace and improve upon the fundamental concepts of prior years, as well as bring in some new/fun dimensions.
**Be prepared for:

Your pictures, and the efforts that you invest in them, will matter more than ever.
This is a long rally, there is no reason to not make substantial efforts to secure good pictures. This typically means getting in immediate proximity to the bonus and making the specific bonus criteria the overwhelming component of your picture. Last year we scored 20,000 bonus attempts (yes really) in near-real-time. Many pictures were good but many were not. If you’re not willing or able to invest in the effort to secure winning pictures, please find another rally.
Cleaner, more simple bonus criteria
Every year this is a goal and every year we make progress. This year they’ll be a BIG step forward. Matching pictures or words will play a larger role this year and word matching criteria has matured for a better rider experience.
This year’s bonus listing will be unlike anything in the past, with many fascinating themes and over 20 brilliant people involved in the preparation. There will be over 6,000 bonus locations in this year’s event.

Team Component Introduced
This year we’ve introduced teams. These will add to the camaraderie and fun. More info

 Note, if you were a 2014 participant:  For the time being, any submision that you make will show up on the 2015 site -please feel free to play/test or share your fun via posts from your phone.


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