12 thoughts on “WM 573 Not quite ready for prime time ;-)

  1. Not in a million years would anyone have guessed you’d be back on bike so soon.
    ….Mitch you’re an inspiration and proof to the powers of the human spirit. Keep on truckin’ with the recovery. You ain’t right, but you’re alright. Smiles and admiration, RJ

  2. Thanks RJ. It was such a great day today!

    On the left is Del Brand who went to extraordinary lengths to help Vicki and I through the last 5 months. He rolled out of bed at 3:00 am the morning of my accident and drove 40 miles to wake up my wife and tell her to call me. He drove her to Stanford numerous times and did many, many more things people will never know about. Generosity must be his middle name. Yeah, he’s alright.

    On the right is Allen Green who gave me the replacement bike you see in the picture. He and his wife have been so helpful and so generous. He’s alright, too.

    There are lots more people to thank…

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