Pictures Matter II

Your pictures matter!
We are on pace to see well over 15,000 submission in this rally. Hourly we see many great efforts but we also see poor and lazy efforts.
Evaluate your personal goals and make sure that they parallel our expectations. Riders who send in poor-effort pictures are being asked to improve, …and if need be: Raise their hand for help.

A reminder about the BMR
This event is 100% the product of generous contributions by people who appreciate this event and selflessly give time and talent.
The scoring team consists of a few brilliant people who balance:
- Providing you with the best event possible.
- Giving proper attention to their own real-life obligations and needs.
There is no reward or paycheck, instead they get the satisfaction of helping you the rider enjoy what many believe is a great event.

Your appreciation toward the scoring team is judged with prejudice by your efforts and your attitude. You are at the scoring table 24/7 for 144 days.

Poor efforts by riders adversely impact this event in many ways. Potentially even affecting the ability to keep pace and deliver on the BMR’s goals and objectives.  
Are you making the required effort? Here are clues that may help you take inventory of your BMR-Goodness on the signage themes.
* Are you riding as close as possible to the bonus and making a conscious effort to fill your image with the required signage?
* Are you adequately planning and routing to locations where you can attain the criteria?
* Are you doing the obvious, -like submitting from the same side of the street as the bonus?
* Are you stopping short of the bonus to take a distant picture when you could ride or walk to immediate proximity of the bonus?
* Are you evaluating various options, -such as getting off the bike and walking to the bonus with a strategic shot that includes your bike in the background?

Your answers should be: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, Yes.  If not, you need to modify your efforts.

Q: When do scorekeepers “Zoom In” and look at the larger picture?
A: Seldom. Riders are expected to fill enough of the picture with the meat of the bonus. Zooming in should not be required.

Q: On signage themes, when do scorers make an exception and “Zoom-in” to look at the larger image?
A: When the rider has demonstrated in their picture that they have busted-their-ass to get the best picture possible.
When riders make obvious efforts to secure the best picture possible, the scoring team will make note. Poor efforts by riders will earn equal efforts from the scoring team.

**THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT MAKES A BMR scorekeeper eager to provide you with points and respect.

+ Rider could have settled for a lazy shot from the shoulder of the road, perhaps even earned points.   Instead the rider made a great effort:
a. Rider parked off the highway in a safe location
b. Rider got off the bike, put himself in a safe location where he could take the time to properly compose a winning picture.
c. Rider made a nice effort to get the bonus criteria (“Department”) and did a nice job getting a solid proportion in the picture ..balanced out with adequate placard and bike.

A+ grade on the above. This rider not only earned points, but also earned respect from the scoring team.

Below is what makes a BMR scorekeeper shout out “W.T.H(eck)! This picture is lazy, it’s insulting to the scoring team and just plain sucks. If you feel those words are harsh, please know that those are the words going through the minds of the scoring team when they see such poor efforts:
Rider chose to waste his own time + the time of the scoring team.
+ Rider stopped short of what we suspect was the bonus (storefront signage)
+ Rider then walked even further away from the signage

Rider could have secured a winning picture by riding all the way to the signage filled up a significant portion of the picture with the meat of the bonus and secured points and respect.

If you are not willing to make the effort to meet our criteria, or you are not capable of meeting the expectations, you are encouraged to find an event better suited to your wants, needs and goals.

We don’t want to see anyone leave, we’ll work with those who wish to improve. The burden falls on the rider to raise their hand for help.
If this event is not a good fit for you -we understand and appreciate your departure as it will allow us to better serve the riders who wish to reach their personal goals and meet the expectations of this event. Those who quit and ask for a refund will instantly receive a refund and their score will go to DNFQ.

This event is unique, much of it on uncharted waters. **IT IS FAR FROM PERFECT** We work very hard to make it the best event possible, and we error on a regular basis and attempt to correct our wrongs.   Those of you who are veterans have seen our growth and our challenges.
Our goal is to continue forward with this event past 2014, and that decision will be based on what grass-root contributions we get from both participants and friends of this event.

As a rider, the best contribution you can make toward this event is to take the time on each and every picture to deliver the scoring team what they require and deserve to provide you with points and respect. We're eager to provide both, we have plenty of both on-hand, but both must be earned.

Thank you for your attention to this important note.

7 thoughts on “Pictures Matter II

  1. Hey BMR Rally Staff – you guys rock! A fair number of your riders are participating in the 15 IBR and other rallies coming up. Practicing getting their bonus photos right will save them a lot of heartache at the scoring table. And that’s always a good thing! :^))

  2. Having ridden and finished all the BMR rallies so far I’ve been stunned by the efforts of staff to bend over backwards and try and keep up with the monumental task of reviewing each and every photo. The technology and process they’ve refined is stunning, but I know they still are giving us ALL some benefit of the doubt on some sketchy photos…..perhaps too much.

    I call on all riders to redouble our efforts to assess your photos before submitting them. Look at that dinky picture on your iPhone in the glare of a sunny afternoon or rainy dark night Podunkville and put yourself in volunteer scorer’s shoes. Is it EASY to see the sign, is your placard and number CLEAR, and is it OBVIOUSLY your bike? No or the SLIGHTEST question? Then reposition yourself, the bike, your lights, your camera to make it EASY for them.

    And they know some of the bonuses are tough to get everything just right….make it EASY for them on those bonuses and strive to make your picture the best one of the many they see. Most bonuses have internet access and it’s pretty easy to check what others got points for.

    I promise to try harder myself.

    Thanks BMR staff for providing a unique experience…us riders will try a little harder!

  3. BMR volunteers do an awesome job keeping up with submissions. I’m not riding this year due to other commitments. As it turned out, weather has kept me off the bike as well. But I’m still checking in periodically and have taken note of how well they keep up with submissions. Please respect their efforts to serve the riders by doing what Reno has asked. You’re already there. Take the extra moments to properly document your stop in accordance with the rules. This will serve you well in other rallies am events as well.

    I do understand the desire to move along. Especially if you have a big riding day planned and want to keep on track. But in your planning, allow the extra time to make sure your photo is good or you will have wasted the effort to get there! Besides, it’s just good manners!

    This is supposed to be fun! Heck, it’s even fun to score, but only when riders hold up their end of the bargain!

  4. Thanks from Socal to John for creating this wildly popular photo hunt. It is revolutionary, creative, and innovative. It gets people riding in winter. Uses crowdsourcing to operate and score the photos. Teaches good habits for rallies at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for your efforts and fun.

  5. This topic is near & dear to my heart. We run into this problem with every TeamStrange event. We always seem to have some questionable photos to decipher.

    I recall scoring at Butt Lite 6IX that involved at least 4 of us trying to determine if the requirements for one particular photo from one particular rider had been met which resulted in the classic Jim Owen quote “It’s always much bigger when you rotate it sideways.” This ain’t no time for guesswork.

    Take the extra minute to make sure it is clear & concise. Great job BMR staff!

  6. Well said BMR staff. Thanks for your patience as some of us learn from our mistakes. And for those who just haven’t caught on to just HOW nice of a crew is working in the background on the BMR, just wait until the banquet and you will find out. This is a classy group of folks making this happen for us to have an excuse to ride this winter and spring. Be safe out there!

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