Pictures Matter

Understand the criteria for each theme. Know when signage is critical (libraries and zip codes) and when matching sample images is critical(when bmr provides sample image).

01/06/2014 Day #6
Many GREAT Pics today, many Riders filling up their picture with the meat of the bonus.

One of the most creative pics of the rally is shown below. Bike reflection in glass. In some instances reflections can make good sense. In prior years we’ve seen a few nice reflection shots

01/05/2014 Day #5 ..Many outstanding pics, and some riders making big efforts with their pictures.
Look at these efforts. When you’re rubbing paint with the bonus, scorers will work hard to award points. GREAT efforts!




01/04/2014 Day #4
Bonus Listing States:

We expect that your picture will be taken from the same angle as the picture we provide. If that means you have to ride around the block, then ride around the block:.
Don’t expect the scorers to make big efforts when you won’t. Here is an example of *not* making the effort:

Day #3 Great Submissions ..follow these examples!
Libraries and Zip Codes –> *SIGNAGE IS THE BONUS …and these riders know how to earn it:

Matching Sample Picture Themes –> Strong Efforts!:

Day #2 Great Submissions + Constructive Feedback.
Some of the really solid shots taken today, nice job on these. All have significant “meat of the bonus” in the picture rounded out with ample placard and bike:

Don’t allow yourself to get into this habit with placards. There is not enough placard in these pictures. Soon the scorers will get tired of making efforts when you’re not. If your style is to walk away from your bike and placard, perhaps best to keep a small placard and hold with your hand.

Here is an example of using a small placard. Not a style for everyone, but it can be handy in many instances:

Great Start And Some Constructive Feedback.
Day one of BMR2014 was quite a day! Some fantastic efforts. Aprox 450 bonus submissions today. Wow.

We’ve taken(linked) to some of the pictures from today so that we can all learn and better understand the criteria.
Today there were some fantastic pictures and efforts ..and some that were neither.
Please take time to review these. Keep in mind, scorers want to give you points, but we’re going to be very firm on riders meeting the criteria. Remember, Zip Codes and Libraries have different criteria than the other themes.

The following submissions are awesome. The rider rode *TO* the bonus, filled the picture up with as much of the meat of the bonus as possible -and rounded it off with adequate bike and placard. Remember on Libraries and Zip codes it is the signage that we are asking for.
GREAT JOB!! You have earned a lot of love with the BMR scoring team.

Here are some more pictures that are very solid. Nice Job!

Here are some pictures that range from adequate to poor. You decide for yourselves.
Common ingredient to all of these is that the rider could have had a much better submission if he/she would have ridden closer to the criteria that we’re asking for. If you’re not going to make the effort to ride the few extra yards to the bonus, don’t expect the scorers to work hard at finding a way to award points.

We’re very lenient with allowing just a portion of your bike in photos …but please don’t get in the habbit of pushing the limit. We want more than just the top of the windshield.

Keep in mind, in themes where BMR has provided sample pictures of the bonus (ie CH, MM, BT, BE etc), scorers are comparing your picture to the sample picture. We expect your picture to be better!

Amazing job by these riders. This awesomeness will not always be possible, but these riders left no doubt that they were at the correct place!



Efforts Matter. Here riders put in great efforts to earn points. Unfortunately points cannot always be given, but please know: *When you put in efforts like this to get as close as possible to the bonus, scorers work very hard to award points*.


When we say we want the "bonus" to be a significant portion of your picture, let's make sure we all undersand what the "bonus" is.
* In the Libraries and Zip Code themes, the criteria clearly states the bonus as: *SIGNAGE*.  Not buildings, not blue skies, not parking lots, if we say signage we want signage.
 Following are a few fictitious bonus examples where RG will show good and bad examples of what is meant when we say signage.

Bad and Good Libary Example:
Here the rider got a nice shot of the building. But that’s not what the criteria is asking for. Here the rider was lazy. Here the rider did not meet the criteria. In this picture a scorer cannot identify and certainly not read the signage.
Even if the scorer knew to look over the door, why should he make the effort?, when the rider made no effort. **No points**

Here the rider made a nice and appreciated effort to get as close to the signage as possible, and then got enough bike and placard in the picture to round out a point-earning picture. Nice job rider!
PS: If you make these kinds of efforts, scorers are going to make efforts too.

Awesome job. Permanent signage, in this case the signage even identifies the address.
Rider rode *TO* the bonus.
This picture will earn LUV from the scorers and certainly earn you points.
Note: There is not a library/builiding in this picture. In the library themes: A Building is not a part of the criteria but *PERMANENT SIGNAGE IS!*.

Zip Code Example:
What is good about this picture? Answer: NOTHING. This picture is Lazy: Rider did not even bother to ride *TO* the bonus. Signage is distant and poor. Don’t expect points from pictures like this on the ZipCode Theme.
Here the rider got as close as possible to signage. In this case the rider opted to focus on what the scorers are most concerned with: The Zip Code! Scorers will not question that this rider was at 89431. The rider did a good job of getting the ZC Bonus in the picture. This picture will not make Architectural Digest, but it will earn points in the BMR Zip Code Theme.

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