Groovy Friends

The BMR is a grass-root event that only happens due to the contributions of many people who consist of both BMR staff and BMR participants.

In addition, there are organizations that have done some really nice things for the BMR, and we are truly appreciative. We call these folks our “Groovy Friends”, and they truly are!  We owe them a huge “Thank You”.

“”The highest-caliber imaginable.” That quote came from Fred Rau when describing Streetmasters. The BMR can’t express the Luv and appreciation that we have for this organization. Streetmaster staff are active participants in the BMR, and contribute in so many ways. Be sure to learn more about the great things they do, be sure to sign up for their workshops. You won’t be disappointed.

What nice things Joel Tolbert has his Bubbler software have done for the BMR. We are so appreciative of the very nice and generous grass-root contributions. Bubbler is a great app that works in tandem with Spotwalla, and it can even send bonuses to the BMR. And Joel built a which continually gains goodness and is very popular with our Android rider base.

The greast folks at the BigTexRally have been great contributors to the BMR and we sure appreciate them. BigTexRally is a fantastic event, with great people who appreciate good fun on bikes. It is an event that you should have on your calendar.

A new Friend for 2013, The AMA approached the BMR and said: “We want to be a part of your fun.” So now they are! The BMR is proud to be an AMA sanctioned event -and to have the AMA as new Groovy Friends. This organization does some good stuff, and they can’t do so without your support -please do your part to support the AMA.

While most print publications are struggling, this publications continues to grow month-by-month -and for good reason: Great content and a loyal following.

Go Here For on the BMR article in Iron Butt Magazine

No one has more fun on bikes than the MERA folks.   They shared that fun in 2012 with the BMR by sponsoring the start of the  .  They sure took care of the “Seven-Eleven” riders. Many riders were recovering for days afterwards -and that was from the PRE-ride festivities!! We’ve very appreciative. If you like riding and fun, look no further than a MERA event.

This is a great event with great people ..and tough to beat the straight-forward format.
…..And, it’s the weekend before the BMR banquet! … 2013 there were MANY riders who shared fun in both events -many tying this event in with the BMR banquet. A good idea for sure!

A great tour, and a great cause. BMR2012 Approached the TOH and said: “We have a new rally concept, it’s never been proven, we have a stupid name and no one has ever heard of us. -Do you mind if we tag along on some of your most special 2012 TOH bonuses?” …And our Groovy Friends at the TOH said: “OK”.
We sure appreciate them and there is no reason for you to not sign up for this fantastic tour.

The Big Sky Rally is a great event with fantastic riding, A+ accomodations and recreation, a keen and awesome rally -and it bring together some wonderful people.
BMR is proud to have Sonny Barger, his wife Sylvie and all in the mix as groovy friends.

For the 2013 “Into The Unknown”, the BMR is providing a free BMR2014 entry to the Big Sky Rider who earns it. .

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