Bonus Listing 2014

2nd Bonus Listing ..Download!

Click On Image To View/Download 2nd Bonus Listing


Initial Bonus Listing ..Download!

Click Image To View/Download Bonus Listing (aprox 5meg)

Right-Click (HERE) To Download/Save Clarifications/Corrections


While waiting for Jan01 and the rally to start, you are very much encouraged to practice by sending Personal Pictures (PP). Those who practice and test have more fun and better success during the real rally.

Please enter PP at beginning of your subject line for all pics that are not attempts to earn points. Doing so is important.

V I D E O : Overview of the listing and rider expectations and other good tid-bits.

In addition to the PDF bonus listing(link above), you will want to view the data here on the website for the following themes

CH | County Courthouses
MM | Madonna Monuments
BT | Border Towns
LE & LW Libraries East & West
BE | I’ve Been Everywhere (man)
LC | I want to be like Liz
IB | Iron Butt Magazine
WF | William Lipscomb Elementary

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