Clarifications/Corrections -Bonus Listing

This page contains all Clarifications and Updates for BMR2014.   It is your responsibility as a rider to check here often.
In addition to existing criteria, if you wish to earn points in the WH theme, your WH submissions *MUST* include a USA Five Dollar Bill in the image.
The bill can be attached to your placard, it can be held free-hand we really don’t care where it is, but any WH bonus that does not have a 5 dollar bill plus the traditional criteria will not earn points.
Reminder, WH theme can only be earned on May23 (RenoTime) Pictures must be taken and submitted on May23. Don’t even consider violating this rule.

Note: While you’re out getting that nice crips $5 bill to use in your WH bonus submissions, you may want to pick up a few extra, they’re very hand to have as tipping cash should you have the opportunity to ask a young (or old) lady to hold your placard while you take your bonus picture.

New Bonus:
A new bonus has been introduced.
Code = MS003
Points = 2

Your picture will contain a Unites States Of America Flag and your placard. Motorcycle not mandatory.
You are encouraged to get creative with your picture. Perhaps include objects special to you -which may including family or friends.
Sample Image:

Sample Image MS003

Server Update:
A mandatory server update was implemented by the amazing folks who host the BMR server, it seems there may be a few hiccups. If you have posts that were sent but did “stick” we’re looking into this, unfortunately we may have to ask you to re-submit them. If you are seeing any other glitches please send a note directly (here)


Please make the following corrections:
Email Failure Notifications: Some users have been experiencing notifications of email failure, this has not affected any posts and is a minor glitch that *should* now be corrected.

Please make the following corrections:
NV026 Corrected Coordinates = 40.8219 -115.761
BG106 Corrected Coordinates = 29.9584 -96.2556
WH018 Corrected Coordinates = 40.8219 -115.761

Please make the following corrections to CH446 and CH447:
CH446 | Pendleton | WV | Franklin | 100 S Main St | 38.641656 -79.331372
CH447 | Putnam | WV | Winfield | 3389 Winfield Rd | 38.533873 -81.892481

! I M P O R T A N T !
REMINDER: Only Send 1 Picture From Bonus Location. No Supporting Pictures.
If you submit more than one: All pictures after your first will be deleted with prejudice. Keep in mind you can take as many as you want, and send the best ONE.
Also, please do not submit a bonus code that is under review(yellow).

! I M P O R T A N T !
Arizona Libraries have some waypoints that are off significantly. Remember, waypoints are a courtesy and you are to ride to the library, especially in AZ you may want to do your homework.

LW109 35.32039 -120.002788 SIMMLER LIBRARY 13080 SODA LAKE ROAD CALIFORNIA VALLEY CA 93453-9746 805-4752603
The name on the library is CALIFORNIA VALLEY LIBRARY.
LW144 38.50211 -122.997177 GUERNEVILLE REGIONAL LIBRARY 14107 ARMSTRONG WOODS ROAD GUERNEVILLE CA 95446-9511 707-8699004
The Name on the library is SONOMA COUNTY LIBRARY
WF092 Boulder 1275 Alpine Ave. 40.0259 -105.281 Colorado This is a Whole Foods store, however, due to the building being on the local Historical Registry the sign cannot be changed. Ideal Market became Wild Oats which became Whole Foods.

! I M P O R T A N T !
Please refer to page 32 and 33 of the bonus listing and understand the Library criteria.
BMR feels we were not clear in defining the need to have the name of the library on the sign, hence this clarification.
When we say signage, that means the library’s specific name. That specific name must fill up a significant portion of your picture.
Most often, the bonus listing has the official name. We look for key words. IF YOU FIND SIGNAGE THAT DOES NOT MATCH, TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SIGNAGE AND WE WILL REVIEW IT, IT IS LIKELY YOU WILL EARN POINTS.

For those riders whose submissions did not contain signage with the library’s specific name, and were denied points, they will receive points retroactive . Going forward this revised criteria will apply.

LW548: A fun story on this bonus .

LW087: Phil Posted nice info .
BE023: Phil Posted nice info .

LW242: Should Be Deleted.
WF339: Should Be Deleted.

BE015: Plane sunk, take picture of base .

LW003: Santa Cruz Library 32.75959 -111.554903 1000 Main Street. Eloy, AZ 85131
BE004: Corrected coordinates = 46.01461, -112.53583
BE055: The carved figure has gone missing. Use the wording,



Right-Click (HERE) To Download/Save Clarifications/Corrections

There will be a list of Clarifications/Corrections to the initial bonus listing in the coming days. The most important element is clarification on signage criteria for the Library themes and Zip Code theme: Permanent signage does not necessarily have to be on the building structure, it can be a free standing permanent sign.
* In the days ahead, Final Instructions and placard information will also be updated. Liability/Waiver form will also be in place.

** BMR Initial Bonus Listing will be available at midnight tonight. The pre-rally (sample rally) data are being purged, eventually the pre-rally posts will be removed. Keep in mind, riders will not show up on the site until they have a post that has been reviewed. However, riders will be shown on the

!!-**remember to enter PP (Personal Picture) at the beginning of subject line for all pictures that are non-point submissions**

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