PP SS1000 in the Texas heat

Following Tim’s lead I did an Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 1,000 ride on Friday. Stayed in Texas and went NW of Houston as I had ridden NE several times for BMR. Total mileage was 1,038 in 17:30. Temp got up to 104, I drank 3 100 oz Camel backs from my tank bag and 4 large gator ades at gas stops.

Interesting scenery included LBJ state park and huge wind farms. Hill country around Austin is also nice.

The FJR is a good bike for this type of ride – very smooth, cruise control and electric windscreen to adjust airflow.

Had a fun day, different than BMR as the only stops were gas and rest / food Sent the paperwork in, $46 to be an Iron Butt is good value compared to Ironman.

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4 thoughts on “PP SS1000 in the Texas heat

  1. Good job Bruce
    You will get hooked. This long distance rides always have a horizon,
    You will never reach the end , there will always be the next challenge
    The nice thing is it’s a personal challenge !!

  2. Congrats officially being an Iron Butt Tim – 2 months is pretty good turn around, I imagine their volunteers are swamped in the summer months.

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