PP SS1000 – Victory

Well, I finally completed a SS1000. Just need to get my documents together and mail it all in and then wait. I rode from home out to Missoula, MT and back on I-90. Approximately 1029 miles (by GPS) in 16 hours and 37 minutes. It was a beautiful and hot day all the way.

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8 thoughts on “PP SS1000 – Victory

    • Good luck, Mike! It was a grind, but I am glad I did it and will probably try to do other IBA rides in the future after I find a new seat. My lessons (which are probably not new) include:
      - I used the interstate almost entirely, and that allowed me to keep a pretty good average. Do a little research on where you might find gas stations and plan your stops in advance. Not sure where you are from, but out here in the PNW gas stations can be a fair distance apart as you head east. Knowing where the next gas stop was was comforting.
      - Don’t keep your receipts in the same place you keep your mileage/stop log. I had one receipt blow away when getting my log out and must have looked like a complete moron running after it in full gear and 95F temps!
      - Hydrate. Nothing new here. I did use a CamalBack hydration system this time. I consumed 3 liters of water and still didn’t feel like I had to pee often enough. Being able to take a drink while riding was what allowed me to not have to stop every hour.

      The IBA site recommends scouting out your start/stop locations for accurate time stamps on the receipt, if possible. I did an out and back and used the same gas station for start and stop times.

      Again, good luck. I feel like i really accomplished something on this ride. My wife still thinks I am straight-up crazy.

  1. Crazy?Stark raving mad if you ask me ;) The only reason the ride was a drone, is because of the interstate. Now that you have done 1, they get easier and you can get more creative. Start knocking out some in state rides.

    • Scott – I have already looked at a SS that is all WA roads. The trickiest part is getting clear of Seattle. Or I guess I could start my ride after clearing Seattle. Either way, it is on my list once I get word back on this first one.

  2. Great job Tim! Does highway 50 have good scenery? I’ve been on back roads in eastern Washington and Idaho that are terrific. Thanks for posting the tips, I’m looking to do an SS1000 loop in Texas before the end of the summer. There’s a toll road near Austin that is 80 miles of 85 mph speed limit that will help out the average speed.

    • I think you meant 90? Good scenery over the mountains in western Washington, then rolling fields for about 200 miles before the scenery picks up again. The area from northern Idaho to Missoula is pretty nice. Most of it was 70-75 mph speed limits except immediately over the passes. The road construction in Montana was brutal. Miles of single lane traffic with 45mph limits and no way to get around it. And it didn’t look like any active work was going on to me, either!

      The FJR averaged about 46 mpg at 75 and could easily go 225 miles before getting nervous about where the next gas stop was. I never put more than 5 gallons in, even when the gas gage had dropped to one bar.

      Good luck, Bruce! You could probably do a lot more than 1,000 miles even while staying entirely in Texas.

  3. Thanks Tim, I think eastern Washington needs better marketing, it’s got some of the country’s best roads and scenery. I did an awesome trip down the east side of Washington, Oregon and CA and back up the west coast one year from Vancouver BC when I lived there, it’s awesome. Too bad about the construction in Montana, usually people literally race across the state.

    It should be pretty fast doing an SS1000 in Texas, I look forward to the section with the 85 mph speed limit. I won’t have nearly the scenery you do. I’m getting better at managing my range anxiety after the reserve miles start counting. 30 to 40 miles on the counter rarely requires more than 5.5 gallons.

  4. Yes, the reserve took some getting used to. My RT needed gas when the light started flashing – period. I was confused and had to break the manual out for my FJR when I could only fit 5 gallons in the tank the first time!

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