How The West Was Won Rally Invitation

How The West Was Won

Now that the 2014 BMR has come to a close, I’d like to invite you all to join us for the How The West Was Won Rally in Colorado this July. We still have a bit of room left, and we’d love to have some seasoned BMR riders in the mix :) . Registrations will stay open through June 25th. However, riders that register after June 1 are not guaranteed a rally shirt as the order will be going out early June. We have an awesome group or riders so far, and even awesomer staff. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

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4 thoughts on “How The West Was Won Rally Invitation

  1. Damn this looks really tempting… I’m going to take a look at my schedule to see if there’s any way I can make it… I’ve been pushing my vacation limits at work so not sure if I’ll be able to swing the days to get there and back plus the rally… but I’d really like to! :)

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