PP Made It Home!

Well, I made it home last night after a 900 mile push to beat Memorial Day traffic. Had a great time at the banquet and meeting some really fantastic folks. Some thoughts as I made my push yesterday:

- 11,000+ miles in support of chasing bonuses.
- Of that, 3,960 miles was for a round-about path to the banquet over 7 riding days.
- Number of times I could have been arrested: 1, but it was self-preservation.
- Average MPG: 46.4. And it was regular, not premium!

I am looking forward to next year’s rally.

John – note the free advertising on my rear fender. It is a good location because that is all anyone saw yesterday!

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16 thoughts on “PP Made It Home!

    • Tyler, I’m pretty sure that’s a sticker from last year. I may still have one or two (I bought extras) that I haven’t used. I’ll check when I get home on Wednesday. (Right now I’m still meandering home, holed up in Laramie.)

        • Tyler, I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to find any. I found the envelope that I thought they were in, but it was empty. I’ll keep my eyes open for any (I thought I had some from ’12 also) and let you know if I see some.

  1. Great ride Tim. I was going to find one of your posts to let you know that I put Michelin Pilot Road 4′s on my FJR and they are terrific. My ride home was through the Ozarks and the cornering with the PR 4′s was so much better than the OEM Bridgestones on the same roads. They are lasting longer as well.

    +1 on a BMR sticker

    • I thought about the PR4, but my dealer wasn’t sure he could get them in time for me to leave for the banquet so I went with the PRs. I have had them on my previous bike (a couple sets) and loved them. I am looking forward to trying the PR4 next time around. I was not a big fan of the OEM tires. They seemed to be much more sensitive to getting the pressures exactly right and had a hard time holding a line when they cupped a little bit.

      Good rally, Bruce! Nice bike, too :)

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