About 384 Donna Rees

I began riding along with my husband in 2004. I was in my youthful 50s and ready to try something new, but had no idea it would become my defining passion! I have over 200K miles now and have enjoyed watching each one roll on by. I generally ride solo, but enjoy the opportunity to join one or two other skilled riders, my husband being number one on my list! The BMR is my very first rally and I look forward to the possibility of meeting other riders along this journey and having lots of fun traveling to new places that I never even knew I wanted to see! ;) Enjoy the journey and have some fun!

Highlights of the Big Money Rally 2014 or Quirky America!! | Demenshea’s Ride Like a Girl

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I thought you would all enjoy the highlights of my BMR escapades. I had a blast and hope to join again next year.

Ride safely and have fun!


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