*Introducing the Big Money Rally 2013*

The Big Money Rally (a.k.a. BMR) is a “Tour” style rally that runs from January 1 through May 25, 2013; with bonuses designed for riders to participate throughout the USA. Whether you’re a Saturday morning rider, DAKAR veteran, or one of the BMR’s world-famous ”point whores”: You’ll find this rally fun, engaging, interesting and unique. It’s purpose is for people to have fun on their bikes , while sharing the fun with fellow riders and friends.

The Big Money Rally will run from January 1st, 2013 through May 25th, 2013. Initial bonus packs will be released to riders on December 1st, 2012. The object of the rally is to visit bonus locations listed in the bonus pack, and take a picture, using your cell phone, containing your rally placard, your bike, and the bonus location. Once the bonus has been captured to the participant’s phone, it will then be sent from the bonus location, via email from your phone, to a unique email address (each participant receives a unique email address that posts in real time to the BMR website!).

Unlike other events, the BMR scoring and bonus submission process is 100% web based; which makes for a whole bunch of fun. Participants and visitors can comment on each others posts and join in the camaraderie as submissions come in to the site in real time. The scoring will also be done in near-real-time, with standings shown live on the BMR site. There will be different levels of achievement based on points standings. While reaching finisher status is the primary objective, there will also be Bronze, Silver and Gold achievement levels, for the folks that wish to be a bit more competitive.

Remember the main goal of the BMR is FUN. Whether you’re a weekend rider, or weathered rally veteran, or a rally rookie; this event is guaranteed to be fun and rewarding.

Event finishers will receive a high quality shirt and other fun swag, and will hopefully be able to join us at the finishers banquet in May!

Please take a moment to review the links below for more info, and let us know if you have any questions not covered in this announcement.

Useful Links:
Questions and Answers
10 Free Tips
Hints and Tips for participants
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