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December 01, 2012
** BMR 2013 Initial Bonus Listing Available !!

December 10. 2012
End T5 Practice Rally

Jan 01; 2013
** BMR2013 Rally Starts!!

Feb22,23,24; 2013
** *H2H* Texas vs California!! (click)

March 01; 2013
BMR2013 2nd Bonus Listing Released

March 02; 2013
RTE Galvaston (impromptu) CLICK

March 23; 2013
RTE(+) Jacksonville FL HERE(click)

April 14,15; 2013

April 20; 2013
RTE(+) Southern California (CLICK)

April 28, 2013
Arizona RTE -Marc B HERE

May 04; 2013
RTE(+) Kansas City MO (click)

May 25
** End, BMR2013 –Banquet in Minden Nevada. (Click Here)

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