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004 Jim_Carroll
I’ve been a true fan of the great outdoors all my life, enjoying many of the activities the Pacific Northwest offers. Outdoors, endurance and adventure activities are high on my list of favorite things, pretty much in that order. Throw in a degree of solitude and it is the perfect combination. LD Riding, for example, combines all three. Enhance that by the solitude of the sport and I’m all in. Bill Russell, the former Boston Celtic’s great, when asked why he enjoyed riding motorcycles said it this way: “Riding a motorcycles long distances gives me the feeling of being alone without feeling lonely”. There is one more thing I’d like to do before I grow up, I want to become one of the “Abernathy Boys” and live their adventures. lol. If you don’t know the story, Google it.

005 Del_BrandRiding my black Gold Wing around the country to find the BMR boni and Tour of Honor memorials. Might even join the Dam Tour in 2013. I'm hoping everyone has a great time and to meet up with some riders this year.
006 Rick_TrippI live in Lebanon, Oregon, Still working as a Telephone Technician for 33 years now. Married with 3 children and 5 grand kids. Some day I am going to be a snow bird. Arizona is looking mighty good every winter in Oregon. I Ride a 2004 ST1300 and recently picked up a 1988 KLR 650. I may be called upon to tow Scott Benson's Huseburg out of the wilderness.
008 Heidi_StillI ride, I drink kool-aid, I work hard so I can ride, I laugh alot, I love life, and I am looking forward to kicking butt during BMR2013
009 James_KirklandLove to ride, been doing it since I could sit on Dad's old Honda 50. Love my Wife and my life! Having been a finisher of BMR2012, I'm looking forward to another "off season" of riding. "Vidi, Vici, Veni"
010 Scott_BensonHmmm, I enjoy hoping on the bike and going to *destination unknown*, been there lots of times and have never been bored with it yet.
012 Matt_WatkinsI began riding motorcycles at 5 years of age and owned my first dirt bike when I was 6. Street biking came years later with a fresh obsession for biking in 2004 and an FJR1300. While I have the responsible genes of my mother and am Mr. Community Service at home..I also have genes of my father that make me want to motorcycle around the continent for little to no reason other than to see what's there. My Website HERE
014 Kurt_Worden 2012 BMR Finisher. I had a blast in 2012. Unfortunately, I only had four dedicated bonus collecting rides. Also I intended to complete the BMR entirely on a NINJA 250. The NINJA needed an engine rebuild in February. Long story short it's still being worked on. Since then a Second NINJA 250 has come to the garage.  2013 promises even more fun. With two NINJA's I'm refocused on completing the BMR all on the NINJA 250. I'm also hoping to increase my dedicated bonus hunting days and have a goal of collecting bonus's in eight separate states and cover a minimum of 10,000 miles. check my spotpage and posts to see how I'm doing.
017 Rick_Germain2012 Finisher. Bad Buddhist. UnCivil Servant. Lover of twisty back road asphalt and long dirt paths that go nowhere. Husband (21 years) of Lori and father of Kate. Horrible gardener. Good animal trainer. Hater of the Designated Hitter. Apple/Mac convert. Coffee Snob. IBA member. Brushes at least twice a day. Not afraid to take an afternoon nap. Short for his weight.
018 Maura_GatensbyIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.
021 Jeff_KerkowI am 2012 BMR and 7-11 Ride finisher. I just started riding in 2006 after a 20+ year hiatus to raise my kids. I live in the great white north in Minnesota so it makes perfect sense to participate in a rally that starts on the first of January. I am on my second Kawasaki Concours the first was a vintage 2006 C10 and I now a have a 2011 C14. I also have 2000 Suzuki DRZE 400 that I try to ride off road. Watch for myself and Jayd riding on the ice and snow. I try to participate in 12 and 24 hour rallies as well as Grand Tours, regional rallies and IBR extreme rides. If it's silly and requires a motorcycle you can usually count me in.
022 Ellen_MeiselesI had never even been near a motorcycle until age 57. In the nine years since then I've racked up more than 130K miles including a solo 7,200 miles cross country trip last year. I've done a couple of IBA SaddleSore rides and this year I was the RallyMaster for the BMW Club of Southern California's Park 'N Ride Rally. I was a finisher in last year's BMR which brought out my competitive nature. I ride a 2009 BMW F650 GS twin and expect this year to be as much fun as last.
024 Jayd(Cruzin)_LindomI'm a motorcycle enthusiast, I participate in everything from Hare Scrambles on my YZ 250 to Long Distance Scavenger Hunts on my FJR. When the winter months come the bikes get parked and the K2's come out to play to do some sliding down the hills.
028 Richard_PlunkettMarried 23 years to the same woman, kids are grown, 1 1/2 are still at home! I've been riding 25 years but my riding style changed dramatically with the purchase of an FJR 1300. Have always loved to travel and these Treasure Hunts are the perfect adventure for a bike! Went a lot of places the last couple of years that I probably would never have otherwise seen! Looking forward to a great time! Thanks for sharing so much with us!
038 Joe_WolfordI’ve been riding off and on since I was 5. I've had everything from an Indian 50 (which was my first motorcycle) to Crotch Rockets to our beloved GL1500SE and recently our newest addition of a GL1800. Unfortunately I don’t have a much time to ride as I would like but still manage to ride 15K+ a year. My wife rides 90% of the time and when she doesn't I realized how lucky I am to have her behind me. Other hobbies we do together are competitive shooting, sailing, hunting and anything else outdoors. The 2012 BMR was our 1st Rally and when it was over I didn’t think I would do another, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, by June I was looking for another Rally. I was so excited when Reno John said there would be a 2013 BMR. This is a great rally because I don’t have time for the regular rallies but when I do I’ll have the basic skills needed to be successful.
041 Andrew_HallI am a prosecutor in Southern Colorado. I have been riding since 2006 and just broke 60,000 miles on my Harley Sportster 1200 Custom. I am a member of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and can be seen riding with them most weekends. I have also done half a dozen challenge rides with Iron Butt Association, including a Platinum level National Parks Tour. I rode last years Big Money Rally and loved it. It worked out really well to structure my early season riding. I look forward to the challenge of this year's BMR, and to meeting some of you out on the road. === Yelp Profile --
044 Tim(mer)_BowmanI'm a relative late comer to the motorcycle scene who's located in the Puget Sound region, but have made up for lost time counted in miles ridden. I currently enjoy solo (or with my wife as co-rider) long distance riding one of several motorcycles in my stables and also enjoy writing about motorcycle topics and leading training or tech sessions on topics related to motorcycling. And as some know about me, "Food pictures rock!" 044 Timmer's Website/Blog / 044 Timmer's 2013 Spotwalla
046 Marc_BeaulacStarted riding in the early 70s, but didn't own my first bike a Honda CB350 until 1981. All the oher s were friend bikes. Sold that and then got a 1980 CB900 10 spd tranny. Kept it for a year and then sold it as it wasn't got in the way and I needed the $$. Bought a Goldwing in 1994 and drove that for a year and then went bikeless until 2009. So a long time without. Decided to get back into it and bought Scrat my GL1800. Fun, then got into IBA crappolla, then Rally crappolla. Done a bit of both. Wing was fun, but not as much as I wanted so picked up a new to ne 2001 ST1100. That is a fun bike.
047 Pete_BansenI was a BMR finisher and bonus lunch host in 2012 - had a great time and some excellent riding. Can't wait to get started again this year - this is a great way to keep the riding interesting during the winter. I'll see a bunch of you out my office window when you come to claim the Squaw Valley Fire Department bonus.
048 Peter_PerrinLong-Disttance Motorcyle Adventurer Website / Spotwalla Map
052 Doug_WebbMy name is Doug. Been riding Motorcycles for 35 years, been doing Rallies for 9 years. My Strategy in Rallies is to ride as fast as I can to Low point or time consuming "Sucker Boni's" and then waste as much time as I can on needless stops and getting lost. I don't like to brag but I have got pretty good at doing just that. I also like to spend large amounts of money on Farkels that I don't know how to use but look cool on my bike.
069 MissKitty_OswaldHello, I'm Miss Kitty from Baltimore. Despite what RenoJohn may want you think, I run this show. So don't piss me off. Got it?
100 Liz_ConnorsI consider myself still new to the MC world. Took it up in 2008 (husband thinking I'm nuts)! Started on a Shadow 600. Didn't take long to out grow so then a Shadow1100 and now on a 2008 Victory Kingpin and loving it. Longest trip so far has been 4500 loop from WA to AZ with lots of side trips. In addition to the BMR I've enjoyed the DamTour. Actually love anything outdoors. Looking forward to see what the new year brings!
104 Rod_KearnsRetired U.S. Navy Sailor of 28 years and avid biker. I've riden on and off for most of my life on a wide variety of bikes. Retiring from service and finding the last bike I ever expect to own has finally enabled me to dedicate the time and resourses to an old love. A loving and deeply understanding wife helps with that too. Can't wait to log some real miles with friends new and old during BMR 2013. Thanks to all involved in putting this together! Other interests: Guns and golf (not very good, but like trying)!
105 Jeff_DavisBeen riding since I was 14 on and off. Never entered a rally before....
106 Doug_BarrettFJR rider. IBR finisher, IBA #456. Rallymaster of the Team Lyle Nevada Stampede.
108 Tim_MudrickTwenty-seven years old - live in DC - ride a BMW R1150GS. I've been riding since I was 19. Still ride dirt bikes. Love to play pinball. I'm not an Iron Butt guy, my limit is around 600 miles. I do a lot of city riding as my GS is my old mode of transport. It rarely snows here, so I can manage in the winter.
111 John_GretzingerOld Guy (tm) who enjoys riding and exploring new areas, preferably on my Norge, but also on the '88 Concours, '03 Shadow, or '99 Helix. Occasionally I write about my rides.
114 Eric_MarkusJust started the LD rides and rallying aspect of riding, adds a whole new reason for riding. Finding out this is a blast.
115 Ted_BoschI am 45 yo male. Love to ride. Grew up r riding dirt bikes. Started riding street bikes 2 years ago.
117 Lynn_DimickI started riding in 1977 on a Honda CB350. I 'moved up' to a Yamaha RD400D in 1979. I put away the motorcycles until 2001 while my wife and I raised our 5 children. At that time I picked up a new Yamaha YFZ600R to cut time on my commute and to have some fun. In 2007 I moved up to a Goldwing because I wanted to add some comfort to my commute. Man, what a difference!
About this time I heard about the IBR and thought it would be fun to try out. So a couple of years ago I decided to go see my grandmother on her birthday. I enjoyed some cake and headed for home. 1,113 miles in one day. What a rush! Now I am trying out some rallies. I doubt that I will ever get to the point of having enough time to do multi-consecutive day type rallies but I enjoy the 8-24 hour rallies and I am using these long-time rallies to hone my ride planning and stop management skills.
Much of my interest was parked by all of the trips taken across the Western US and always wondering, "I wonder where that road goes" as I hurry past on the interstate. (Where does ZZYZX RD go and why is it there?)
118 Eric_BrayI am in the Navy, even though I currently work on an Air Force base in Colorado. Other than that, I love rallies like these as it gives me an excuse to get lost, explore, and see new places.

119 Bill_LanceFirst ever rally of any kind.
122 Mike_LongBeen riding since 2005. Fell in love instantly with the idea of doing Iron Butt rides. Now, 7 years later, I'm taking my first tentative steps in rally territory with the 2013 BMR. Later in 2013, I'll attempt my first SS1000. Looking forward to riding and learning as I go!
123 RenoGrace_AustinI have been around motorcycles my entire life, which is more than most others can say. When I'm not following the BMR I'm playing with my mom and dad and enjoying the Battle Born State of Nevada.
124 Charley_BluntBorn in Oklahoma 1937, raised in Northern California from an early age. Started riding in hte 50s did some road racing in hte 70s AFM , a couple of years MX Northern Ca. A few enduros , and lately drag racing and the rest just a few miles of pleasurable road riding over the years. Single but still working cause gas costs money and riding is necessarily :) I live in a small town at the base of the Northern Sierras and enjoy a slow life when not on two wheels.
126 Jack_BackerLike Reno Grace, I've been around Motorcycles my entire life...somewhere there is a picture of me laying on a blanket with a bottle of milk & my Dad in the background, hillclimbing with his '45 Indian Scout! I love visiting interesting places throughout the country, with my Wife, Marlene. We ride a Goldwing & a wee Strom. I also have a KLR. We've completed numerous LD rides, 48 Plus, IBR 5K, Pines to Palms. My good friend Reno Grace, thinks I live in North Dakota but, really I live in South Dakota (it's warmer!)
127 Paul_MillerNothing I enjoy more than taking my Triumph Sprint for a good romp. I loved riding bikes, but until I gave up trying to fit in by riding a cruiser and actually got something that excited me I didn't really know what it was like. I want to do this rally thing, because I'm always looking for new excuses to hop on the bike and leave for awhile. I have a 20 year old son, 18 year old daughter, and 1 year old daughter. That's right, I couldn't think of anything better to do so I started another family! I figures I could do it even better the 2nd time!
128 Eldon_CannonRiding since 1957, have done MOTO x SCRAMBLES ETC as well as too many miles to try and count on the street , have ridden in Europe , Thailand, North Afrika Canada , as well as most of USA. Retired USAF , Retired Teamster Truck driver, Looking forward to a lot of activity this winter with the BMR
129 Timothy_AllenI am a career Navy man getting ready to retire on the great Pacific Northwest! I have been riding bikes for a while now and seldom need any real excuse to go on a trip. Short or long, doesn't matter. Married to my high school sweetheart for 25+ years now. We have three kids, and two of them are grown and out of the house. Really looking forward to the rally.
131 Mitch_FriedmanBeen riding some type of 2 wheels since I was 5 as that is when I learned about motorcycles. New to Rally riding and I hope to learn as I go. I have taken photos of motorcycle and cycling races since the early 80's and covered Dirt Track, Motocross Nat here in the USA as well as World MX all over the world and cycling events all over the world for a number of magazines. I also work in the TV and Film Studios in the Transportation end of things and have been a Teamster Studio Driver since the mid 80's. Am a member of SCMA and came up with there Triple Crown Award and there Calif Parks Adventure Ride. Also a member of the IBA and have some SS under my belt. Or butt I should say.
136 David_ClarkI try and ride competitively in rallies but usually wind up with a bottom finish. But all the while I chant to myself, "this is the most fun I have ever had." So I don't care where I finish. Been riding since 2004 and am kicking myself that I didn't start in the late 80's like I wanted. Ride Safe.
137 MissouriBob_BowmanThis will be my second rally, the first being the 2012 Utah 1088. Looking forward to it.
138 Mike_MehaffyI have been down with torn Knee -Jacksonville Pizza Party will be my first ride of the year and first BMR bonus points. Starting late but plan on being a finisher. Spotwalla(click)
141 Bruce_JansenI'm old and this is my favorite quote - ...we do what is called “sports touring”, which is code for riding powerful motorcycles for long distances at illegal speeds in a semi-constant state of alarm and discomfort. While this sounds like good challenging fun, it actually carries with it an unstated entry fee which will be redeemed instantly upon even the slightest mechanical failure or error in road judgement. (Link) My other favorite quote - Ride fast. Take chances. - Brainfish
142 Bill_OuelletteBeen a long distance rider for multiple years. Decided it's time to dabble my foot into this Rally stuff before I get to old.
146 Rusty_AtkinsI've been riding for nearly 30 years now (my first bike was a Hodaka Combat Wombat). Most of my riding until this past year has been on sport bikes: Living in NC not far from the mountains, a 5 hour 150 mile isn't a traffic jam, but some REALLY twisty roads! This past year, the LD/Rally bug bit hard. I put 25,000 miles on my GSA in 7 months, competing in the Tour of Honor, BL6IX, touring the country, and covering most of the county courthouses in my state. I just traded in the GSA on a K1600GTL and am planning to finish the county courthouses, am participating in the BMR, and have a lot more planned.
148 Chuck_HickeyLong time rallyist - part time key board rally typist - IBR 99 Alumnus - frequent drivel contributor - lame didn't finish the 2012 BMR with no apologyist - FJR Rider who believes that bikes don't get good until they break the 100k barrier (unless they break first) - smoker of cigars - infrequent but dedicated drinker of adult beverages - container of A+ blood and frequent donator of same - dog owner - children progenitor - and proud big loser of several lbs. Yeah.... that's me in a nutshell - Peace - Love - and Motorcycles
151 Chris_ComlyI ride a 2006 HD Sportster and a 1996 HD Heritage Softail Special. My sporty was my first new bike and is the one that I learned what fun it can be to ride a bike to far away places for no other reason than to turn around and go home. My sporty is my primary travel bike and I just broke 89K on it. I recently participated in my first rally and had a blast. Now looking for more things to try
152 W_BoyterWasted the best years of my life tooling around North America on two wheels, from the Arctic to the Caribbean. And I'd sell my soul just to burn the money and do it all again. Website HERE
153 Wayne_CurlesI have been riding on and off for 30+ years. I currently live in Northern VA and getting use to winter riding. This is my first rally so I am looking forward to some interesting rides and having some fun.
154 Tim_Roush50 year old child that likes to play outside. I've been riding and racing bikes since my Rupp mini bike. I am a computer idiot and get lost easily, most times on purpose. This is my first rally and I have only one official ss1000 under my bum.
155 Paul_SaccoccioLove the Lord, husband of one beautiful wife, daddy to three beautiful girls, food in frig, roof doesnt leak, clothes on our backs...and a motorcycle (with full tank) in the garage...I tell you, I am rich beyond imagination.
156 Frank_KershI'm a Captain on a towboat. I push barges in the Mississippi river and the Intercoastal canal. I ride a 2000 Suzuki Intruder 1500LC
157 Brian_Harris50+ year-old that rode from age 9 to 25. Took a fatherhood hiatus and have been back at the two wheeled bliss for ten years now. I've been bitten by the long-distance riding bug (really in South Texas, isn't everything a long distance). One IBA SS so far and have submitted paperwork for a BB 1500. Recently upgraded from a VStrom to a Gold Wing. Avatar name on most sites is SA Strom.
160 Rennie_JacobParamedic/FF from NJ who loves to ride all year long.
161 Dave_KeiferIt all started in a little village furthest from the brightest spot in the universe. I started riding two years ago and this is my first rally so it's "time for some thrilling heroics." My goal is to not embarrass myself or them that care 'bout me
162 Roger_GoltzLooking forward to having a blast in my first rally. I'll be riding out of St. Louis and into the whole US from the looks of things. Thanks to everyone for putting so much time and work into this event.
163 Nancy_FooteKnow by some as "Queen of the Backroads," I love finding my way to obscure places, so the BMR is just perfect!!! Although I've been riding for 30 years, this is my first rally, so I'm excited about joining in the fun! My main ride is a 2003 Kawasaki ZRX1200, but I have other fun little bikes to play on! I know a few of the people listed above, so I look forward to seeing you all on the road - ride safe and have fun! You'll see me on different forums as "hercbr." My Website
164 Walt_FultonI'm a co-owner of Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops. I've been riding for 58 years on-road, off-road and racing. I've done two Iron Butt Qualifiers, both Utah 1088s. I look forward to participating in this event; it sounds fun!! My Website
165 Zack_WestlakeJust getting into long distance riding, and this is my first rally. Looking to have a good time and see some new places and always in search of the perfect road.
166 David_HathawayI've been LD riding for a while, but not in an organized way. I started with "Burger Fridays", heading off on my "free Friday" to ever-more-distant award-winning burger joints. When I got home from a 800 mile "ride to lunch", I decided to try an ironbutt. When I got my IBA number, I stopped documenting my rides until I saw about the Mile Eater program. Then it was the Tour of Honor, then the IBA Memorial Ride. I look forward to this, my first rally. I still need somewhere to head on my free Fridays, and I've run out of burger joints!
168 Paul_TongI was born and raised in Irving, TX. I went to Texas A&M University and joined the Marine Corps afterward. After leaving the Marines in 2006, I joined the Irving Police Department where I still work. I currently live in Frisco. I am fairly new to motorcycle riding and really new to rallies but loving every bit of it.
169 James_BurrissMy friends call me Jim, so please do. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15 but had a long layoff due to nothing in particular. I started riding again when my GF, Sarah, bought her first motorcycle in June 2010. I owe her a lot for getting me back on the road. I like LD as well as local riding with friends. I currently ride a Yamaha Vstar 1100.
171 Owen_QuarlesI like to ride. I like to explore. I like to eat. 400 miles for pizza is just fine with me. My riding friends are the best! Tour of Honor, Big Tex Rally, IBA, MS150 Motorcycle Marshal... etc. Looking forward to the fun!
173 Brian_RamsdenBeen riding for 45 years give or take , got bit by the long distance riding bug this last summer and got 3 IBA rides in before winter set in here in eastern Washington, this is my first rally of any kind.
175 Bo_GriffinMale, 54, Prosper, TX back to riding since 2000 and enjoying all that I can. I've traveled much of the US and several other countries. Always planning my next ride.
176 Terry_NealeTwo IBR's under the belt. Born in London, moved to US in '85. Fell in love with motorbikes at 16. First bike a Honda 90. Used to do 100 mile plus rides on the Honda. Best job ever - Motorcycle courier in London after leaving High school. Retired and happy, two bikes, '08 FJR and Triumph Tiger 800.
179 Wes_FlemingI love to ride - but don't we all? I probably haven't been doing it as long as some BMR participants, and I certainly haven't ridden as far or as often, but by gum, I sure have fun doing it. I like a hot shower, a good meal & a hard bed at the end of a long day on the road. I'm known to ride cross-country - one-way, at any rate - and can often be found going 'round the Capital Beltway, endlessly circling Washington, DC in a futile attempt to turn back time. Website HERE
180 Mark_BlackburnI work too much and play too little. But I do carry a travel fly rod in my gear bag...even tho its never been used.
181 Samuel_LilesI've been riding since I was 3 or 4 years old. Off road, on road, off road unexpectedly, and back across the road in to the ditch on the other side. I've been riding for fun and mental health for quite awhile. I like all kinds of bikes. I just like to ride motorcycles. I'm not competitive. My kryptonite is fun. If it isn't fun I might not finish. I leave late at rallies and come back early. Sometimes I find a road and don't come back to rally central because I'm having fun riding. I'm obviously not a very good rally rider. I ride in sub zero and blistering heat because it is fun. I don't know what fun is but it is definitely addictive.
182 Lisa_HeckerBought my first buke in April 2007 - a used '05 BMW F650GS. Im now on a '08 BMW R1200GS. Ive participated in Cape Fear, Mason Dixon 2020, The Void, and BIGTEX Rallies over the past couple of years. My dad, Marty Cover, introduced me to the rally
183 Michele_OwenI started riding dirt bikes at the age of 8. I started riding on he street at the age of 14 (yes legally). I took a long hiatus from riding during grad school and the early part of my career, but have been back in the saddle for almost 10 years. In addition to my real job as a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control, I am a MSF certified RiderCoach in GA. I am an IBA member and have made 2 solo trips across country, once on a KLR650 and once on my BMW R1200 GS. I am realitvely new to rallying, but find it to be great fun. I love to take long motorcycle trips with my awesome husband Chris.
184 Sydney_LilesI have been called a pillion, a passenger, and even a spousal accessory unit. Riding with my husband (Sam) is what we do for fun. We call it our marriage counseling. Nothing like an activity that really is just for two.
187 Scott_Rosheim54 year father of 5 and grandfather of 4. i have been only riding for 3 years.
188 Cory_KadlacekHusband of a pretty lady, daddy of two kids, and an all powerfull design engineer for the power company in San Antonio. All powerfull = Pee-on! New to biking and am excited to ride. Stop your whining, it doesn't accomplish anything!
190 Clint_OwensMy best friends ride motorcycles, so I do too. This is my first rally and my wife is so thrilled!...Wait, no she isn't. Like some of my Texas BMR comrades, I too love The Lord, my beautiful and supporting of all my endeavors but riding wife, and my precious 7 month old daughter. website
193 Ian_McPheeRider 193 reporting to enjoy far too much.. My wife and I are an aussie couple living in Zambia, contracted to a large mining company. I rode my first IBA length ride in 1986 and havent really stopped. I have been fortunate enough to own bikes on three continents, Oz, Asia, West africa and now a BMW R1100Rt in the USA. ( It still feels wierd saying I own a beemer). I am a starter in this years IBR, am riding the CF in April so I figured I might as well jump and join this crazy ride as well. Reno John has allocated me a number and off we go!!!
196 Mark_ParkerI live in Smartsville, CA, which is north-east of Sacramento on the edge of Gold Country. I am retired and 65 years old. I will be riding a 2012 V-Strom on this rally. As a late starter on 3/19, I've got lots of miles to make up. See you out there!


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