Updates & Information For Riders

Final Two Weeks
-Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on in the final two weeks! GO HERE

MS003 Opportunity
Marc B is sharing some good fun and a rare chance to grab MS003 GO HERE

April26 Update
!Update! A update sent to all riders is available to download – PDF file can be right-click-n-save HERE.

PNW RTE (plus)
+ Short notice (March 23) but this promises to be a GREAT event. …and rumor of a rare chance to snag MS002! Point your browser HERE, RSVP and then point your bike toward Lynden USA.

St. Patrick’s Day Supplement
+ Today (noon Reno Time) The Saint Patrick’s Day Supplement to the 2nd bonus listing available. This new theme is available one day only: March 17. GO HERE

Heading to IBA Jacksonville Pizza Party?
+ Quite a few BMR folks are heading to the IBA pizza party (info). If you’re riding there please raise your hand as we’re going to track the posts of BMR riders heading to Jacksonville GO HERE(click)

Bonus Listing #2 Is Now Available.
+ Bonus listing #2 Has It’s Own Download Page (HERE)

**CHANGE** Bonus Listing #2 Will Be Released March01
+ Bonus listing #2 was scheduled to be released on March17, this has changed. New release date March01 (click)

Banquet Registration Now Open
+ We hope to see you in Minden on May25th and details and registration are now open. After paying you wil be provided with information to book your room etc. Go here (CLICK) for details.

Information Sent To All Riders
Today an email went out to all riders. If you don’t have it, please check your spam filter -or here it is in PDF form for your convenience: CLICK

CA vs TX -H2H Matchup Feb22,23,24
+ This is the first in H2H (Head to Head) Matchups and promises to be some good fun. Be sure to participate and follow along. CA vs TX page HERE(click)

Clarifications/Corrections Update #5
+ Please Go To The Clarifications and Corrections Page and make note on all of your paper and electronic media. (HERE)

Doing a certified or time-specific ride during the BMR?
+ If you have an upcoming ride that will fill a specific period of time (ie: IBA certified ride, or a weekend vacation) and you’ll be claiming BMR bonuses and maybe some personal pics along the way ….. please let me know. I’d like to test new functionality that may be incorporated into the site. Thanks!, …RJ

Preliminary Banquet Information
+ Basic banquet info is now available. Please go HERE and be sure to check back for updates on getting your tickets and booking your rooms.

Rider Announcements
Various riders are contributing in various ways (RTE’s for example). Please make note of the Rider Announcement tab on the menu. Already two announcements (B4 Award and Jacksonville RTE) are live with more in the mix. Be sure to check them out -Will you be leading a contribution?

Stickers Available
+ By request, stickers are available for a modest price, a few pennies from each order will go toward beer at the banquet. GO HERE

+ We’re seeing some very distant and lazy pictures primarily on the TP theme. A lot of not riding “To” the bonus. Distant pictures are not acceptable,  -If you can’t get near the bonus for safety reasons, keep on going.   We’re coming up on two weeks of the rally, leniency from scorers on this is OVER!   PLEASE adhere to BBP guidelines (click) you’ve been warned!!

Multiple Pictures Of Same Bonus
+ Reminder: Unlike last year, no supporting pictures. Submit ONE picture from each bonus location. If you want to experiment with various shots, feel free to do so, take as many as you want, but submit ONE. Any additional pictures of same bonus may be deleted with prejudice.

Clarification/Correction Update
+ Update to Clarification/Correction Page (Update#4 NF bonus codes) HERE

Clarification/Correction Upadate + BBP Reminder
+ Update to Clarification/Correction Page HERE
+ Reminder to follow the BBP forumula for bonus submissions HERE

Download Your Placard
+ Final Instructions / Placard Download HERE

Out With The Old, In With The New
+ Go Here: HERE

Final Instructions / Placard Download
+ Final Instructions, the precursor for downloading your placard are now available HERE

Preparing for BMR2013
+ You’ll see that T5 data has been purged and things are being put in place as we prepare for BMR2013!

Iron Butt Magazine -BMR article
+ BMR in the Iron Butt Magazine Read More

Image Size information
+ Sending large size is not in the rider’s best interest Read More

Stickers Sent To Some
+ Who got complimentary stickers? Go HERE to see

BMR/AMA Liability Waiver
+ AMA/BMR Liability Waiver Form.  Mandatory for all participants.  HERE Be aware you will not receive placard or other important updates unless we are in receipt of your waiver.

BBP Bonus Criteria/Expectations.
+ BBP (Bonus+Bike+Placard) Bonus criteria and expectations.  This is an importan read.  Please give it due attention.  HERE

Questions on bonus listing, scoring and challenges to scoring decisions.
We have changed the menu structure on the site. To ask a general question on BMR scoring go HERE, To challenge a bonus determination go HERE and to ask a question or comment on the bonus listing, go HERE
Links to these pages are now respectively under “Scoring” or “Bonus Listing” headings on the main menu.

Placard information available
Information on the BMR2013 Placards is available go HERE

T5 Practice Rally comes to an end.
The T5 Rally ended today. Wow, we sure appreciate all the riders who tested/practiced and shared great fun. We had 1,800 bonus submissions! We all had the privilege to see some amazing efforts!  Uhhh,  It’s pretty obvious there may be some new point whores in the mix.

We’ll leave the posts and leader-boards up for a few weeks, but then they’ll go away as we get set-up for BMR2013!

PLEASE feel free to practice test as you feel best for your needs in the coming weeks, we’re in test mode, nothing is being scored so knock yourself out practicing/testing and sharing your fun with everyone.

Post Notifications -Are you getting yours?
It has been brought to our attention that some riders are not seeing the email confirmations that are sent after each post. These are sent immediately, most riders get them very timely, but it can depend on your email service if you get them immediately or after a few minutes. You also get notifications anytime someone comments on one of your posts.
++ IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING THESE NOTIFICATIONS, it is because your SPAM filter is catching them and not passing them. We’re putting things in place to help avoid being identified as spam ….and you setting your email to pass these actually helps this cause, especially with Google. Google accounts were initially affected when we upgraded the BMR server, but now Gmail seems to have re-found the BMR love.


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