MS003 Opportunity #046 Marc_B

Here is the opportunity to snag a Damn Foreigner Bonus (MS003).

Rider 046, of dubious residency, will be enjoying partaking in a scenic ride in NV the weekend of 17 through 20 May or AKA Riding in the TLNS (click here) .

There is an opportunity to snag a bonus very few folks have managed to obtain…like 5 people..maybe 6.

Should you happen to be in the vicinity of the Alamo Inn, Alamo NV Friday May 17th, after 4 pm, you would have that opportunity, or at 430am at the Alamo Sinclair 37.36484, -115.15940 or Sunday May 19th at 11am at the Windmill Restaurant Alamo NV…hard to miss. BMR easy to snag bonii are ST022, FS510, FS526, MS003, and a couple National Forests.

(map will be live when planet earth transitions into the date range of this opportunity)

or click HERE

One thought on “MS003 Opportunity #046 Marc_B

  1. Ha, this is awesome!!! Great job Marc!! ……a lot of good riding options in the last days of the BMR.
    * The Team Lyle Nevada fun in southern Nevada
    ….and a few days later the Texans are staging two options on great fun.
    Cheers to you for taking part and sharing in creative ways!!

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