H2H Canada vs Zambia

Second In The Series of BMR Head-to-Head (H2H) match-ups:

International competition will play out on the BMR canvas here in the USA.  Two countries  are sending their top riders to compete.  

This match-up has already sparked some spirited exchanges and has been nick-named the “Commonwealth Grudge Match”.


START:  Sunday April 14 at 00:00:01
END:  Monday April 15 at 23:59:59 

Yes, that’s 48hours.  Keep in mind that all time references are “Reno-Time”

Leaderboards will not show data until the event starts and riders have submitted their first post. **EXCEPT** for the Pre-Competition Report which will show posts 3 days prior to the start.

H2H Canada Zambia


Canada Leader Board

046 Marc_Beaulac59
018 Maura_Gatensby31

Zambia Lead Board

193 Ian_McPhee13

On the below activity report which is sorted by date/time: You can click on time stamp to go to that specific post. Also you can click on rider to sort to all of their posts.

H2H Activity Canada Zambia

Canada2013-04-15 21:41:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-15 20:32:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-15 19:36:02046 Marc_Beaulac0
Canada2013-04-15 19:19:02018 Maura_Gatensby0
Canada2013-04-15 19:14:02018 Maura_Gatensby3
Canada2013-04-15 18:23:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-15 17:35:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-15 17:34:01046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-15 17:02:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-15 16:14:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-15 14:20:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-15 13:13:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-15 11:39:02018 Maura_Gatensby0
Canada2013-04-15 11:38:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Zambia2013-04-15 03:06:02193 Ian_McPhee2
Zambia2013-04-14 22:55:02193 Ian_McPhee3
Zambia2013-04-14 22:54:01193 Ian_McPhee3
Zambia2013-04-14 22:53:01193 Ian_McPhee3
Canada2013-04-14 21:22:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 20:32:02046 Marc_Beaulac0
Canada2013-04-14 20:21:02018 Maura_Gatensby4
Canada2013-04-14 19:57:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 19:47:02046 Marc_Beaulac0
Canada2013-04-14 19:32:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 19:30:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 19:05:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 18:50:02046 Marc_Beaulac0
Canada2013-04-14 18:49:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 18:49:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 18:45:03018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 18:45:02018 Maura_Gatensby2
Canada2013-04-14 18:36:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 13:28:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 13:10:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 12:41:01046 Marc_Beaulac3
Zambia2013-04-14 12:24:02193 Ian_McPhee2
Canada2013-04-14 12:17:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 12:17:01046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 12:16:01046 Marc_Beaulac2
Zambia2013-04-14 10:24:02193 Ian_McPhee0
Zambia2013-04-14 10:22:02193 Ian_McPhee0
Canada2013-04-14 10:02:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 09:59:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 09:57:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 09:52:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 09:51:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 09:49:02046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 09:48:02046 Marc_Beaulac0
Canada2013-04-14 09:48:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Canada2013-04-14 09:48:01046 Marc_Beaulac2
Canada2013-04-14 09:47:02046 Marc_Beaulac3
Zambia2013-04-14 08:48:01193 Ian_McPhee0


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12 thoughts on “H2H Canada vs Zambia

  1. well guys, thanks for the fun. i think the interational format works well. i didnt do as well as hoped, but thats life..
    John my hat is off to you, great time had here on this rally of yours..

    Might get to meet you at the IBR


  2. Hope you at least had some fun, Ian! The secret of the BMR is that you are sent down awesome roads to quirky places , the points are just an excuse :) )))

  3. Hope everyone had fun. Frigg’n winds and dust storms. Wing was getting tossed around like a WeeStrom…
    Worst of it was at the windmill farm near desert Hot Springs…lost my small flag and clip. Have sand in places I didn’t know ….

  4. Ian,

    I truly valiant effort that shows much to your character: Multiple flights from Zambia, (Africa) with an Australian phone. Land in the USA and get on a bike bike and start chasing BMR bonuses. Phone issues, you aggressively attempt to fix …before eventually purchasing another phone (on the road) that also has challenges……
    Ian, you’re the best, we’re very proud to have you in the mix. Big cheers to your efforts, Big cheers to YOU.

    M&M (Maura and Marc). Wow, both of you had dicey weather, both of you made a class-act of chasing bonuses as we followed along. Canada is proud and so is the BMR!! Fantasticness you both demonstrated.


  5. Had a blast! My buddy Marc and I proved again that team Canada rocks after conquering the United States of Mexico last July…..my only hope now is that Ian gained some valuable experience from this exercise that will serve him in the Iron Butt Rally. Team Canada will switch from adversary to ardent supporter come this July, Commonwealth ROCKS!!!!!!!

  6. So, the BMR is winding down. A heap of the photos I took are still in cyber space. I wonder when they will turn up?
    John, thanks for the stickers, i wasnt expecting them. Thanks for the bonus list to go chasing. It is a wonderful format, next years plan is already evolving….
    The Cape Fear went almost to plan, but errors at the scoring table cost me. Pain there is a good educator for the IBR:-)

    Maura and Marc, the IBR is fast approaching, see you all in the carpark I hope.

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